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AICS Stocks - Accuracy International Chassis System

Remington 700 replacement stock featuring advanced design and ergonomic function. The AICS stock (Accuracy International Chassis System) is a Remington 700 replacement stock with many advantages over the manufacturer’s original equipment.

AICS Stock features:

  • No gun smithing required for the quick and easy installation
  • Full length aluminum self aligning, self bedding vee block
  • AICS Stocks have a metal and polymer structure which provide exceptional strength and durability
  • Includes Accuracy International adjustable cheek piece
  • Accuracy International folding stock available on 2.0 models
  • Fore-end bipod mount for lower center of gravity bipod shooting
  • Thumb hole stock design for increased comfort and stability

This is the most functional Remington 700 replacement stock system available.

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