Aimpoint Comp     

Aimpoint CompM2, CompM3, CompM4, CompM4S Red Dot Sights On Sale at

The Aimpoint Comp series of red dot sights are designed to be compact scopes capable of handling unfriendly conditions and recoil from the largest calibers available.

  • Aimpoint CompC3: A basic red dot sight with a 2 MOA dot. Perfect for use on rifles, bows, and pistols. Comes with a single 30mm ring for mounting on Weaver/Picatinny rails.  Rugged enough to withstand abuse and recoil, affordable enough for your favorite rifle.  
  • Aimpoint CompM2: This red dot sight is the standard by which other red dot sights are measured.  The CompM2 has been in use by the US armed forces since its inception, and is compatible with all generations of night vision.  Battery life can range between 10,000 hours and 100,000 hours of continuous use, depending on brightness.


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