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First Impressions: GRS Berserk & Tikka CTR

The intrepid D* gives us his first impressions of a brand new GRS Berserk Stock with his Tikka CTR barreled action - and talks ergonomics and installation from the perspective of those of us who aren't gunsmiths by trade (or even play one on TV).
OK guys AND gals, GRS Berserk stock for Tikka CTR, let’s do this. 
I’m NOT a gunsmith (although sometimes I play one on TV. That said, installation was a breeze. It uses the same bottom metal and has the barrel lug already in place so no need to get the Sawzall out to get the one from your old stock. Everything else lined up and dropped in the OEM action screws that came with the CTR and TIME! Mere seconds! 
First impressions...this thing looks good, and feels good. You will no doubt notice the slight cant in the grip which personally I like - and felt natural - but since I had the chance, I asked the president of the GRS...why? And he explained if you just hold your hands out just bending from the elbow - like your about to grab something your hand isn’t at a 90 degree angle. The 8 degree cant is engineered to follow your arms' natural cant, and you can tell when you shoulder this stock that it's comfortable.
Sounded good to me, and I have to say feels natural. I also think it helped to keep my finger in correct correlation to the trigger and didn’t allow me to get to much meat on it. The butt is fully adjustable for cheek weld and length of pull to accommodate a wide range of shooters and comforts, and also has a fairly decent recoil pad factory-installed. 
Also worth noting are the two areas of “grippy” material added to the grip and forend. It’s not a coarse texture, but a softer area that even in what felt like 100% humidity and 90 degrees I had a good purchase on it, so I imagine a rainy hunt or range day it would work just as well.