Kahles Scopes

Kahles Scopes

In 1898 Karl Kahles started more than a company, he created the standards within the industry in optical and mechanical design that all other manufactures still strive for today.  Ultimate quality, precision, innovation and tradition are still the soul focus of Kahles.  All Kahles optics are designed and built to deliver best in class performance and are second to none.   Although our innovation over the last 116 years is unequaled, Kahles continues today to develop the highest quality optical and mechanical designs along with the latest features required by the most demanding customers.  At Kahles, we realize customers worldwide have different requirements.  Understanding this, Kahles has listened to professionals and developed a line of products specifically targeting the demanding requirements in the USA.

We are confident you will realize the exceptional performance that Kahles delivers in each and every optic we offer.


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