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The Sako 85 Classic as well as the Sako 85 Classic Deluxe represent a design that has stood the test of time in rifle shape in terms of a “classic” stock style…but most significantly now combined with the benefits, features and innovation of the modern Sako 85 action and hardware.  Both are a step up in embellishment from the Sako 85 Hunter and will appeal to the shooter who prefers the elegant look of a classic stock.  The Sako 85 Classic has a stock of straight grained walnut topped with a rosewood pistol grip and forearm tip.  The Classic stock is sans cheekpiece, whereas the Classic Deluxe features a traditional English styled cheekpiece with a shadow line.  The Sako 85 Classic and Classic Deluxe are finished in a traditional oil finish and feature the standard red rubber Sako recoil pad.  As is typical of the Sako 85 action an adjustable trigger and the Sako internal dovetail scope mount that can efficiently utilize the Sako Optilock rings systems is included.


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