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The Sako Finnlight is for those hunters who seek to go deeper into the wilderness for their enjoyment without being weighed down by a heavy, cumbersome rifle.  The Finnlight carries on the bloodline of the legendary 85 family while maintaining special attention to lightweight construction, a quick handling profile and absolute resistance to the elements.  To achieve a lightweight construction, the cold hammer forged barrel is fluted and shorter than most hunting rifles.  As a result, the Finnlight weighs less than 7 pounds, making it easier to handle for women and younger shooters as well.  The Finnlight’s stock is an upgraded synthetic model with a soft coating to offer you the best grip even in the harshest conditions.   

Sako Finnlights have a combination of mobility, accuracy, and ruggedness that can be had for far less than a custom rifle while offering an accuracy guarantee better than just about any custom rifle builder.


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