Schmidt Bender PM II - Police Marksman 2     

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Designed with influence from police and military forces around the globe, the Schmidt & Bender PM II riflescope won the Precision Sniper Rifle competition in 2011. From desert heat to artic cold, the PM II perform exceptionally under harsh conditions. Scope tubes are made from one-piece of high grade aluminum with an eye relief of 90mm and ocular housings equipped with a rubber ring. The PM II is ideal for medium to long distances
For full locking turret instructions, please view the Schmidt Bender PMII ManualSchmidt Bender PMII LT Manual.


Please Note: Illuminated reticles are ideal in low-light conditions. Schmidt & Bender illuminated reticles are engineered specifically for low and no-light operations; therefore, under bright and daytime conditions, the illumination may be difficult to detect, especially with fine reticles, such as H37, H58, and H59.

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