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Trijicon designed their Reflex sight line for close quarter battles and quick target acquisition. The light weight and small form factor of these reflex sights makes them suitable for tactical rifles, hunting rifles, and even shotguns.

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  • Trijicon RX30A-51: A rugged reflex sight with a 42mm objective lens, 6.5 MOA amber dot reticle, and includes a flat top mount for co-witnessing with iron sights on an AR15 platform.
  • Trijicon RX34A-51: Identical to the RX30A-51, featuring a smaller 4.5 MOA amber dot.
  • Trijicon SRS01: A compact sealed reflex sight with a 1.75 MOA, and ten brighntess settings, and a supplementary solar cell for extended battery life.
  • Trijicon SRS02: The SRS02 is idential to the SRS01 with the exception of the mount.


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