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Accuracy International's Newest Offering...The AI Competition Trigger

We’ve received word on a brand new product from Accuracy International, their Competition Trigger. The Competition Trigger was designed in conjunction with X-TREME Shooting Products, another company with an excellent pedigree in the realm of competition shooting. According to AI, the Competition Trigger was developed to meet the demand for an AI compatible competition grade trigger for Accuracy International owners in the United States. 

 Accuracy International Competition Trigger Pack

The AI Competition Trigger is compatible with the AT, AX308, and AXMC rifle platforms, but the optional Trigger Shoe will allow the trigger to also work with Accuracy International AW and AWM platforms. The Competition Trigger features a precise trigger pull range of .75 lbs. to 2.0 lbs. and has a factory setting of 1.25 lbs. One of the most impressive features of the AI Competition Trigger is that it can be adjusted to be a single stage trigger—the factory setting is 50/50 two stage.

Like all products that bear the Accuracy International insignia, this trigger seems to be of the highest quality. AI reports that this design was test cycled over 100,000 times and showed no significant wear, whereas some of the market’s most popular other competition triggers showed “measureable wear” after 5,000 cycles. We here at EuroOptic are excited to offer the Accuracy International Competition Trigger and Trigger Shoe! Pre-orders are being accepted!

Interested? You can PURCHASE IT HERE.

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  • Jeff Steley

    8/2/2018 8:55:30 AM | Reply

    Hi Guys
    I bought an AXMC this year and looking for this custom trigger.......are they out yet and if so , availability and cost

    Jeff Steley
    Middletown, Ohio

  • Jim

    1/29/2019 2:40:05 PM | Reply

    Will my AXMC trigger shoe work with this or should I get another shoe?

    • Jonah Gregory

      1/29/2019 3:00:18 PM | Reply

      Jim - your AXMC shoe will work with this trigger. The replacement shoe is only for older rifle models.


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