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Success Story: Mike S.

The latest Success Story comes from our own backyard! Captain Mike S. recently purchased his first Barrett M82A1 .50 BMG from our showroom location here in Montoursville, PA. 

Once you hear and experience the bolt racking to load a Barrett 50, you just know one is in your future. Finding one in stock that you can handle and function test is always a plus. Same with optics. Looking through what you are buying is always preferred. The showroom at EuroOptic is certainly a bonus for those of us who live in Central PA. The staff here is well versed in the shooting sports. Their online service and chatting is also a great experience. My "Wish List" is quite long! I chose the M82A1CQ because I won't be shooting over 1000 yds. I wanted a rifle more handy and portable but with a huge amount of power. I have found with Hornady Match ammo mine will hold about 1.5 MOA or less consistently. Ball ammo is 3 MOA but still fun to shoot and accurate enough for it's design. I consider a 3-15x44 a lower power variable scope but plenty of power to see well at 1000yds if needed. The Vortex Viper PST 3-15x44 FFP is a great optic for this rifle and so are their mounts. It's holding up well to recoil and is crystal clear. This is not a target rifle, but a tool with lots of power. It's nice to have a one-stop-shop in town that can allow me to build an effective package like this. It's fun watching others fire this rifle. It's truly a blast.

Thanks for your submission Captain Mike! You're always welcome in our showroom! 

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  • Chris

    4/17/2020 8:39:36 PM | Reply

    Wait. This guy bought an $8,000 rifle and a $900 scope to go on it? Am I missing something?

    • Mike Strunk

      7/7/2020 4:03:00 PM | Reply

      Chris.....I have plenty of other higher end optics. This is a fun gun for now.  It was my first .50 BMG and gets shot occasionally.  It's a material rifle, not a bench gun.  I have recently purchased a used M107A1 suppressed that runs BORS with an 8.5-25x56 Leupold Mark IV.  It's more accurate but still not a bench gun.  High end optics are for precision work in all lighting conditions.  My bolt guns get the best optics.

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