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Jorge Ortiz & AI ASR Dominate at the 2020 Nightforce Annual ELR Steel Challenge!

Last weekend at Nightforce’s 5th Annual ELR Steel Challenge, Jorge Ortiz (also known as NoLegs24 on Snipers Hide and Instagram) and his Accuracy International ASR took home the overall win. Jorge and his rifle beat out close to 200 competitors armed with a wide array of custom rifles finely tuned for ELR shooting.  

Jorge had this to say about his win:

"I was fortunate enough to win the Nightforce ELR Steel Challenge ran by Scott Satterlee and Nick Setting in Glenrock, WY at the Tillard 55 Ranch this past weekend in a field of extremely good shooters, competing in the toughest conditions I’ve shot up to date. 230+ Shooters showed up to compete and 191 were able to finish. Targets where set anywhere from 700y - 2100y, winds reaching from 15mph all the way to 50mph (some even recorded 63mph!!)

I have to give a huge shout-out to Jason Baney at EuroOptic. If it wasn’t for his support over the years, I wouldn’t be able to rock the awesome gear I am running today. Including the Accuracy International ASR with a Tangent Theta TT525P that I used at the match.

He’s always been able to help me out with whatever I need. The crew at EuroOptic are all around great people. Wouldn’t take long to see the many satisfied customers they have over the years, and will continue to have.

Ever since buying my 1st AI back in late ’13, my experience with them has been phenomenal. And I will continue to support them same way they’ve supported me! 

I was running Berger 220gr LRHT pushed at 2980fps with about 82gr of Hodgdon H1000. Federal 215M primers. Brand new Lapua brass. Only prep I did to the brass was use an expander mandrel to fix any dents on neck during travel and for more consistent neck tension/ seating force. Funny thing is, the brass I found a load with, was a different batch from which I shot the match with. Still got an ES of 4fps. That’s the consistency you get from Lapua brass. Regardless of its new brass out the box. I used the default G7 BC on the Kestrel 5700 with Applied Ballistics. Of course, I got the brass, bullets and Kestrel from Jason as well.

Last but not definitely least. Matt Yore from Sawtooth Rifles chambered the barrel for me. One of the best builders in the Country! Chambered on a Bartlein Barrel, 1:8 Left Hand Twist. 30” Finished Length. 1.350” Shank, tapered to 1.290" at the muzzle."

Thanks for the kind words Jorge - and nice shootin'! 

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  • Edward Ralph Baiz

    6/24/2020 1:01:29 AM | Reply

    That is great shooting Jorge congrats. i shoot a 1968 sako 243 and a 30-06 weatherby at hogs. My longest shot was 325 yards and dropped that 200lb hog.

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