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Trijicon Releases RMRcc Red Dot Sights for Concealed Carry Handguns!

When it comes to mounting red dot optics on a handgun, there are not many options to choose from especially when it comes to subcompacts. If the slide isn’t optics ready, it has to be milled, an often expensive and time-consuming endeavor. Not to mention the fact that the optics that are available can often be too fragile for practical use and can create a snag hazard when you need to draw. 

Fortunately, Trijicon recognized these problems and provided a solution with the Ruggedized Miniature Reflex for Concealed Carry (RMRcc). What makes this revolutionary system so unique is the fact that no gunsmithing or altering of the slide is required. To install the RMRcc you simply remove the rear sight, attach the dovetail/adapter plate (depending on your model of handgun) and install the RMRcc optic. After that, the RMRcc is ready to be zeroed. The RMRcc is compatible with many of the market's most popular concealed carry and full sized handguns, including most Glock pistols (including MOS models), the Sig Sauer P365/P365XL, Smith & Wesson Shield 2.0, and most Kimber 1911s; just to name a few options. Additionally, for those who want a seamless mounting interface for the RMRcc, slide milling services should be almost immediately available for the RMRcc. 

Aside from being able to mount on virtually any semi-automatic pistol, the RMRcc is a versatile and easy-to-use optic that can boost your handgun’s accuracy. Once zeroed in, your shot will impact wherever you place the dot and you can keep both eyes open when shooting so your eyes never leave your target. Its slim, low-profile design minimizes the risk of snagging when drawing your weapon, and is light enough to not add any noticeable weight. Aside for concealed carry, its small size also makes it ideal for carrying in your vehicle or for general home defense applications.

In addition to its sheer versatility, the RMRcc is durable and reliable. Its battery lasts up to 4 years and enables the user to activate the optic when they begin to carry and leave it on all day. The 7075 T-6 aircraft-grade aluminum construction and distinct shape gives you certainty that a drop or fall won’t result in a broken optic. In fact, the RMRcc was subjected to a series of tests during development to insure it can meet the expectations of real-world usage. The Solid Zero and Vibration Test proved that the RMRcc can endure thousands of rounds and still retain its original zeroing, and can even handle the heavy recoil of a .45 APC. The Immersion and “Alaska to Africa” test demonstrated it will continue to function whether it is in the freezing cold, blistering heat or doused in water.

All in all, the RMRcc is an outstanding accessory that gives many concealed carry users the option that they never had: the ability to mount an red dot optic on a non-optics ready handgun. The RMRcc is available in two dot sizes, 3.25 MOA and 6.5 MOA.          


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