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Spotlight: Kimber Custom II Two-Tone 1911


When you think of iconic American handguns, a few examples instantly come to mind. You have the Single Action Army that won the West, you have the Smith & Wesson Model 29 that made Inspector Callahan’s day, and of course, you have the 1911. This cultural icon came about after the American-Filipino War when members of the American Expeditionary Force found their .38 caliber revolvers lacked sufficient stopping power. In one instance, a U.S. Serviceman shot a charging enemy 6 times with little effect. This experience was so alarming to the U.S. Armed Forces they sought a more powerful replacement sidearm. Hence, the 1911 was born. Since its adoption by U.S. troops in the First World War, the 1911 has been used around the world by military, law enforcement professionals, and civilians. Despite the U.S. military replacing it with the Beretta M9 in 1985, many Special Forces personnel continue to use variations the 1911 for its formidable stopping power and reliability. With such popularity, numerous manufacturers have produced their own copies of the 1911. Out of all the arms companies that make this legendary sidearm, Kimber is definitely one of the best.


Kimber’s line of 1911s is quite possibly their most popular series of handguns. They come in both carry and full size, and are available in .380 ACP, 9mm Parabellum, 45 ACP, and even 10mm Auto. While these more exotic sizes and chamberings are well suited for their intended purposes, there is perhaps no better example of a Kimber 1911 than the Custom II Two-Tone in .45 ACP. This classic variation would make John Moses Browning proud, and is beautiful in its minimalism. As the name implies, its frame and slide sport different finishes. The frame is stainless steel, while the slide is a polished black. These two color schemes contrast perfectly against each other and the checkered rosewood grips further embellish its elegantly simple appearance.