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Nightforce Announces the ATACR 4-20x50 F1 Riflescopes for 2021!

Nightforce 4-20x50 Riflescope

Once again, Nightforce is proving why they are a leader in the rifle optics industry with the release of the ATACR F1 4-20x50. The engineers at Nightforce recognized the need for a compact riflescope with a versatile magnification range within the ATACR series. When compared to its predecessors, the ATACR 4-16x42 and 4-16x50, the 4-20x50 F1 delivers 25% more magnification power, but has a noticeably reduced profile and weight in comparison to the ATACR 5-25x56.

New Nightforce ATACR 4-20x50 Riflescopes

ATACR 4-20x50 F1 with MOAR Reticle - C642

ATACR 4-20x50 F1 with MIL-C Reticle - C643

ATACR 4-20x50 F1 with MIL-XT Reticle - C644

ATACR 4-20x50 F1 with TReMoR3 Reticle - C637

Nightforce 4-20x50 Scope available reticles

In addition, the ATACR 4-20x50 F1 is truly a multi-purpose riflescope. This precision optical instrument has applications in the hunting, competition, and tactical fields, and is equally at home atop both bolt-action and semi-automatic rifles. Its highly flexible magnification range enables it to be used on setups intended for both mid and long range, and its power throw lever allows the user to rapidly switch between the two. As with all ATACR riflescopes, the 4-20x50 F1 comes standard with the ZeroStop elevation turret. This function allows the shooter to instantly return to their scope’s original zeroing after making on-the-spot elevation adjustments.        

The new Nightforce ATACR F1 4-20x50 riflescopes are expected to start shipping in late February 2021. 

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