Nikon PROSTAFF 1000 Rangefinder 16664
Nikon PROSTAFF 1000 Rangefinder 16664
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  • Item ConditionNew
  • Weight:4.6 oz (w/o batteries)
  • Dimensions:3.6" x 2.9" x 1.5" (LxWxH)
  • Range:6-1,000yds
    Max Reflective Range: 1,000yds
    Max Tree Range: 800yds
    Max Deer Range: 600yds
  • Monocular Details6x20mm
  • LaserIEC60825-1: Class 1M/Laser Product FDA/21 CFR
    Part 1040.10:Class 1 Laser Product
  • Angle CompensationNo
  • Measurement UnitsYards & Meters
  • Battery Type1 CR2 Lithium
  • Product TypeLaser Rangefinders
  • UPC018208166640
  • MPN16664


The compact Nikon PROSTAFF 1000 Laser Rangefinder allows you to easily fit 1,000 yards of ranging capability in your hand or pocket and is perfect for rifle or bow hunting. Range deer out to 600 yards is a reality with the PROSTAFF 1000 and First Target and Distant Target Priority modes allow you to range objects close up or animals hidden behind tall grass.

Features of the PROSTAFF 1000 Rangefinder

  • 6-1,000 Yard Measurement Range
  • Displays in 1-yard increments
  • Single or continuous measurement (up to 8 seconds)
  • Multilayer Coating is applied to all lens and prism surfaces
  • Long Eye Relief - 16.7mm. Perfect for eyeglass wearers
  • TRU TARGET technology that allows you to switch between First Target and Distant Target modes
  • Water Resistant/Rainproof
  • 5-Year Warranty