Steiner Close Quarter Thermal (CQT) Black  Night Vision Sight 9510
Steiner Close Quarter Thermal (CQT) Black Sight 9510
SKU 9510-Steiner


  • Size:5.2" x 3.0" x 2.1"
  • Weight:20 oz
  • Display:High brightness green OLED, SVGA (800 x 600)
  • Thermal Sensitivity:Human Detection: ~450 meters
    Vehicle Detection: 1000+ meters
    320 x 240 pixels @12 μm
  • Magnification Range:1x Optical, 1-4x Digital
  • Field of View:12.2° (H) x 9.7° (V)
  • Eye Relief:90 mm @12° Thermal HOV, fixed diopter
  • Battery Type(2) CR123A
  • Optic DetailsCrosshair, Crosshair + Dot, Crosshair + Circle, Dot, Box Dot, None
    2.5 MOA Red Dot, Separately Zeroed
  • Spectral ResponseLong wave infrared 8-14 µ
  • Item ConditionNew
  • Product TypeThermal
  • UPC000381895103
  • MPN9510


The Close Quarters Thermal (CQT) is a see-through thermal sight that overlays onto a direct view of the real world. Designed for soldiers to use in close quarter combat, the CQT is the next gen for predator hunters. See hogs and coyotes in full dark conditions. Thermal to identify; red dot to target. The rugged anodized aluminum housing can withstand any kind of hunt in all weather conditions.

Features of the CQT

  • CVT technology offers both day and night close-range target acquisition and engagement
  • 2.5 MOA red dot reticle for precision targeting
  • Features 3 thermal modes: outline, patrol, full. Choose off for no thermal
  • Compatible with flip-up magnifiers
  • Built to full MIL-SPEC standards rugged, 20 m waterproof
  • 2.5 MOA red dot reticle
  • First thermal weapon sight with Clear View Thermal (CVT™)
  • Offers several selectable electronic reticles in addition to the red dot

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