Norma EVOStrike .308 Win 139gr Centerfire Rifle Lead-Free Ammo (20/box) 20177352
Norma EVOStrike .308 Win 139gr Centerfire Rifle Lead-Free Ammo (20/box) 20177352
SKU 20177352-Norma


  • Caliber:.308 Win
  • Bullet Weight:139gr
  • Item ConditionNew
  • Product TypeAmmunition
  • UPC7393923325064
  • MPN20177352


Norma’s EVOStrike Rifle Ammunition offers an effective lead-free alternative to the discerning hunter. Both the core and jacket are made from refined tin, with a nickel-plating for to reduce fouling and increase the service life of your rifle barrel. To ensure maximum lethality, the EVOStrike utilizes dual cores that are bonded together with a specially designed tin-lock for strength and uniformity. The front core features a unique pre-fragmentation design that delivers massive expansion and outstanding stopping power immediately upon impact even at long range. This is followed by the rear core, which employs a strong jacket to enable reliable penetration, easily punching through skin, bone, and tissue. Together, the dual cores create an extreme shock that’s extremely effective on medium-sized game. In addition, the EVOStrike features a hollowed polymer tip and a boat tail design for flatter trajectory and enhanced accuracy at longer ranges.


  • 100% lead free
  • Constructed from refined tin
  • Nickel-plated for reduced fouling
  • Dual-core technology