BulletSafe BreatheSafe Respirator/Gas Mask Kit BS59000
BulletSafe BreatheSafe Respirator/Gas Mask Kit BS59000
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BulletSafe’s BreathSafe Respirator/Gas Mask Kit is designed to keep its user safe from dangerous substances in the air. This mask comes with an integrated, silicone sealed clear face plate, which provides protection to the face and eyes from hazardous airborne particles in addition to protecting the user’s respiratory system. The BreathSafe Gas Mask utilizes two 3M brand 7093CN or P-A-1 filters that far exceed the filtration capabilities of N95 masks and can roughly filter out 100% of dust, airborne debris and even asbestos. The dual filter design allows for extended periods of use (about 1 hour), and voice ports allows sound transmission without the risk of leaks.

Features of the BulletSafe BreathSafe Gas Mask:

  • Filters out hazardous airborne particles
  • Filter life - 60 minutes (P-A-1)
  • Protects against tear gas and pepper spray

Note: The user must be clean shaven for proper use. Beards and stubble prevent proper sealing