Norma NXD .45 Auto Non-Expanding Self-Defense Ammo (20/box) 611540020
Norma NXD .45 Auto Non-Expanding Self-Defense Ammo (20/box) 611540020
SKU 611540020-Norma


  • Bullet Type:Non-Expanding
  • Caliber:45 ACP
  • Item ConditionNew
  • Product TypeAmmunition
  • UPC810036150217
  • MPN611540020


Norma’s NXD (Non-eXpanding Defensive Ammunition) utilizes an innovative, proprietary design to achieve terminal performance. The projectile features a unique fluted profile based on FMJ rounds for excellent feeding reliability. The fluting on the projectile takes into account the Venturi Effect and the Hydrodynamic Ram Effect, causing fluids to pressurize and eject upon impact with soft tissue. The result is a devastating transfer of energy, making NDX cartridges highly suited for self-defense applications. This design also creates less recoil and a flatter trajectory, accommodating faster and more accurate follow up shots.