Leica Calonox Sight Thermal Riflescope Attachment 50500
Leica Calonox Sight Thermal Riflescope Attachment 50500
SKU 50500-Leica


  • Size:6.6"x2.3"
  • Weight:17.6 oz.
  • Display:1024x768
  • Thermal Sensitivity:640x480 Sensor
  • Magnification Range:1x
  • Battery TypeRechargeable
  • Optic Details44mm Objective Lens
  • Item ConditionNew
  • UPC4022243505001
  • MPN50500


As all hunters know, positively identifying your target is your greatest responsibility especially when it comes to hunting after dark. The Calonox Sight Thermal Riflescope Attachment is an excellent choice for a nighttime hunting setup and ensures absolute target identification before you take the shot. Unlike night vision devices that need ambient light to operate, the Calonox Sight can operate in complete darkness as it detects heat rather than light. The Calonox Sight displays these heat signatures on an HD display, and the LIO (Leica Image Optimization) function delivers additional image sharpness and clarity. In addition, the Calonox Sight is dual propose device, as it can be mounted on a riflescope or be used as a handheld thermal monocular.

Features of the Leica Calonox Sight

  • ~6 Hours of Operation
  • High Contrast & Detail
  • 640x480 Sensor
  • OLED 1024x768 Display
  • Integrated Rechargeable Battery
  • 42 Objective Lens

Leica’s 10-Year Passport Protection Plan & 30 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty

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