Desert Tech HTI RH Rifle Build Kit DTA_HTI_RH_Rifle_Kit
Desert Tech HTI RH Rifle Build Kit


  • HandednessRight Hand
  • Action:Bolt
  • Caliber:.375 CT, .408 CT, .416 Barrett, and .50 BMG
  • Rifle Barrel Length:29"
  • Rifle Overall Length:45-45.75"
  • Magazine Capacity:5 rounds
  • Magazines Included:1
  • Rifle Stock:Available in Black, FDE, and FDE/Black
  • Item ConditionNew


Desert Tech HTI "Hard Target Interdiction" Rifle Kit

The Desert Tech HTI was designed to operate reliably under the harshest conditions. It utilizes high-impact polymers, aircraft grade aluminum, ultra high-strength steel, and the strongest coatings on the market today. Stock panels surround operating components. The panels attach directly to the receiver which acts as a full length mounting chassis, eliminating the need for any sort of bedding. The HTI sustains its accuracy and reliability in virtually any environment: subzero temperatures, extreme heat and dust, to moisture of jungles.

Fast and Easy Caliber Conversion:

The Hard Target Interdiction quickly converts between the following calibers: .50 BMG, .408 CheyTac, .375 Cheytac, and .416 Barrett. The conversion is simple and takes less than sixty seconds while still returning to zero.

Compact & Rugged:

The Desert Tech HTI utilizes a bullpup configuration and collapsible bolt design. The compact design shifts the weight rearward, creating not only a shorter combat ready weapon, but also achieves better balance.

The HTI is a Modular System rifle which is why we have provided you a way to get everything you need in one place.
*Note: Will not ship as complete rifle*

Choose Your Chassis Color

  • Black
  • Black and Flat Dark Earth
  • Flat Dark Earth

Choose Your Conversion Kit

  • Includes threaded barrel (w/ thread protector), bolt, and magazine
Caliber Barrel Length Overall Length Weight Barrel Twist Max Range Magazine Capacity
.375 CheyTac 29" 45" 19.5lbs 1:10.5" 2750m 5 rounds
.408 CheyTac 29" 45" 20.35lbs 1:13" 2550m 5 rounds
.416 Barrett 29" 45.75" 20.35lbs 1:13" 2300m 5 rounds
.50 BMG 29" 45.75" 19.9lbs 1:51" 2200m 5 rounds

The Desert Tech HTI is compact, accurate, and convertible. It is truly a one-of-a-kind sniper rifle.