IR&D Corsair Thermal Surveillance Unit
IR&D Corsair Thermal Surveillance Unit
SKU Corsair-IRND


  • Size:8.1 x 4.4 x 2.8"
  • Weight:17.35 oz. w/o battery
  • Display:640x480
  • Magnification Range:3-24x
  • Field of View:19.68 - 14.22/109 yards
  • Eye Relief:30mm
  • Battery Type2 х 18650
  • Item ConditionNew
  • Product TypeThermal
  • MPNCorsair


The Corsair thermal surveillance scope from IR&D is designed for many uses including observation, detection, recognition, identification, reconnaissance, and target designation of unsheltered, camoflauged, or partially concealed objects behind the barrier targets at any time of day or night and under any weather condition. It easily carries out the functions and capabilities of 5 separate devices:

  • Thermal imaging monoculars
  • Laser rangefinder
  • Ballistic calculator
  • Meteorological station
  • Navigation device

All these functions are built into one compact scope. The Corsair features a shockproof and waterproof aluminum-magnesium alloy case. What separates this thermal scope from others is its easy-of-use, universality, and ability to meet the strictest standards.

IR&D Corsair Thermal Surveillance Unit Features:

  • IR&D high-selective rangefinder operation modes: fog, dust-storm and in other adverse weather conditions at distances range from 5 to 2500 meters
  • Target range designation through translucent barrier
  • Built in meteorological station, sensors, GPS, IR Illuminator, and electric compass
  • Automatic calculation of several targets coordinates and distance between them
  • Autofocus mode – provide automatically focus at the object by measured or manually set distance
  • Ballistic database for three ammunitions for each of eight rifles
  • Automatic and semi-automatic target size measurement mode – provide an opportunity to measure target size on arbitrary distances in any zoom
  • Motion detection – when motion of a thermal contrast target is detected, shooter is notified by the indication on the screen and vibration of remote control
  • Automatic calculation of vertical and horizontal amendments at the distances up to 1500 meters
  • Photo and video recording (with sound) with telemetric information overlaying
  • Matching of a recorded photo and video to the digital terrain map
  • Video streaming with capability of the device operation by using of Wi-Fi of iOS, Android devices
  • Adjustment and device control by using of Windows, Linux, OS X, Android based devices