Sig Sauer Like New Demo FOXTROT365 Tactical White Light, for P365 Models SOF36501
Sig Sauer Like New Demo FOXTROT365 Tactical White Light, for P365 Models SOF36501
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  • Power Output:100 Lumens
  • Battery Life:60 Minutes
  • Item ConditionLike New Demo
  • Product TypeBattle Lights
  • UPC798681591428
  • MPNSOF36501


The Sig Sauer FOXTROT365 Weapon Light is designed specifically for Sig Sauer's groundbreaking P365 sub-compact handgun. It has a 100 lumen output capable of delivering an enhanced line of sight for the user when navigating dark areas and may aid in disorienting an attacker. The FOXTROT365 is pressure activated by a button that sits comfortably below the trigger guard allowing for effortless light activation. The weapon light is water resistant and features a low battery indicator.

About Sig Sauer

From humble beginnings as a wagon to factory to one of the world’s largest firearms, optics, and ammunition manufacturers; the history of Sig Sauer is rich in innovation and achievement. After winning a contract from the Swiss government in 1864 for their Prelz-Burnand muzzleloading rifles, the Swiss Wagon Factory change its name to Schweizerische Industrie-Gesellschaf, the Swiss Industrial Company, better known as SIG. In 1949 SIG developed the SIG P49, the predecessor to the P210 and continued developing small arms for the Swiss military and police.

Since then the company has changed its name, acquired other firearm manufacturers, and crossed the Atlantic—setting up headquarters in New Hampshire. However, what hasn’t changed is the innovative spirit that has driven SIG SAUER develop firearms like the SIG516 rifle, MCX rifle, P320 pistol, and P226 pistol. With clients like the Texas Rangers, United States Secret Service, Navy Seals, and dozens of local law enforcement agencies nationwide; SIG SAUER is there When It Counts.