Tenebraex Tactcal Tough Objective flip cover for 42mm Schmidt Bender - (use with TT compatible ARD o SDO000-FCV
Tenebraex Tactical Tough Flip Cover for Ocular and Objective Lens SDO000-FCV
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This Tenebraex Tactical Tough flip cover provides protection to your lens and flips up out of the way when it is time to shoot. This flip cover can be used as an ocular cover or an objective lens cover in some cases. Tactical Tough (TT) Flip caps require either a TT compatible ARD or TT adaptor to fit scope.

Fits the Following Kahles Scopes:

  • 1050i FT 10-50 x 56, and s 10-50 x 56
  • Helia 5 (1.6-8x42i) , (1-5x24) , (2.4-12x56i), and (2.5-10x50)
  • K15i 1-5x24
  • K16i 1-6x24
  • K318i 3.5-18x50i

Fits the Following Leupold Scopes:

  • Mark 4 LR/T 10x40, 16x40, 3.5-10x40,
  • Tactical 2.5-25x56, 5-40x56 FFP, 5-50x56, and 8-80x56, and 4.5-14x40
  • Mark AR MOD 1 6-18x40
  • VX.R 3-9x40 and 4-12x40
  • VX-1 4-12x40
  • VX-2 3-9x40, 4-12x40, and 6-18x40

Fits the Following Nightforce Scopes:

  • ATACR 4-16x42 F1, 5-25x56 (44MM Ocular Tube) (Nightforce #C445), 5-25x56 F1 (46MM Ocular Tube), 7-35×56 F1, and 4-16x50
  • Helia 5 (2.5-10x50)
  • BEAST 5-25x56 F1
  • NXS 2.5-10x42 COMPACT
  • SHV 3-10x42

Fits the Following Swarovski Scopes:

  • X5 3.5-18x50 P and 5-25x56 P
  • Z3 3-10x42
  • Z6 1.7-10x42, 1-6x24, 2.5-15x44 P, 2.5-15x56 P, 2-12x50, 3-18x50 P, and 5-30x50 P
  • Z6i 1.7-10x42 and 1-6x24 EE
  • Z8i 1.7-13.3x42 P

Fits the Following Schmidt & Bender Scopes:

  • Exos 1-8x24
  • Klassik 1.5-6x42, 10x42, 2.5-10x56, 3-12x42, 3-12X50, 6x42, and 7x50
  • Klassik Hungary 1.25-4x20
  • PM 10x42
  • PM II 3-12x42 and 3-12x50
  • PM II/P 12-50x56, 3-12x50, and 4-16x50
  • PM II/LP 4-16x42, 4-16x50, and 5-25x56
  • PM II/LP/MTC 3-12x50 and 5-25x56
  • PM II/LP/MTC/LT 3-12x50 and 5-25x56
  • PM II High Power 1.1-8x24 and 3-27x56
  • PM II ShortDot 1.5-6x20 and 1-8x24
  • PM II PSR 5-25x56
  • PM II Ultra Short 5-20x50
  • Summit 2.5-10x40
  • Zenith 1.1-4x24, 1.5-6x42, and 3-12X50

Other Fits:

  • Athlon Cronus BTR 4.5-29x56 FFP
  • Bushnell Elite Tactical DMR IIi 3.5-21x50mm
  • Delta Stryker HD 4.5-30x56, 5-50x56
  • Sig Sauer TANGO6 1-6x24, 3-18x44, 4-24x50, 5-30x56
  • Steiner M5Xi 1-5x24, 3-15x50, 5-25x56
  • Trijicon AccuPower 1-8x28, ACOG 3.5x35 (SDO), SRS, VCOG 1-6x24
  • Vortex Razor HD Gen II 1-6x24, 3-18x50, 4.5-27x56, Viper PST Gen II 1-6x24