Liemke Keiler-35 Pro VOx Thermal Imaging Monocular LO-KEILER35P
Liemke Keiler-35 Pro VOx Thermal Imaging Monocular LO-KEILER35P


  • Weight:14.81 oz
  • Monocular Magnification:Optical magnification 2.5x
    Digital magnification 4x max
  • Field of View:13 meters at 100 meters
    7 x 6°
  • Thermal Sensitivity:12µ
  • Sensor Resolution:384 x 288 pixels
  • Polaritymultiple color palettes
  • Display:1,280 x 960 pixels
  • Item ConditionNew


The Liemke Keiler-35 Pro VOx is a powerful thermal monocular in a compact size. Its 12um VOx detector and LCOS display produce a crystal-clear image on a QVGA format. The Keiler-35 has a 35mm, manually focusable lens that gives it a detection range up to 1235 meters as well as a field view of 13 meters at a distance of 100 meters. Sources of heat can be displayed on a multi-color pallet system that has a 4x digital magnification system. The built in WiFi feature can transmit image and video data to an IOS or Android device at a distance of 50 meters or can be transferred via cable. The Keiler-35 also features a durable design with an IP66 certification for complete protection against dust and water damage.