Alex Sepkus 18K Sapphire and Diamond "Flora" Bracelet
Alex Sepkus 18K Sapphire and Diamond "Flora" Bracelet B-51SDC
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  • ColorGold
  • MPNB-51SDC


Alex Sepkus 18K Sapphire and Diamond "Flora" Bracelet B-51SDC

Floral motifs have been used in jewelry design for centuries and for a good reason. They are a symbol of femininity, delicacy, and grace. At the same time, flowers also represent lust, eroticism, religion, deities, enlightening, faith, and even life itself.

What makes this Alex Sepkus gold bracelet stand out is its delicate flower-shaped elements. Each flower is adorned with a petite gemstone, such as pink, orange, and red sapphires, and precious little white diamonds. Perfection would be the word that could best describe this gorgeous bracelet. Every element is precisely cut and embellished with just the right amount of ornaments so that it makes a strong, lasting impression but without being overwhelming.

The way Alex Sepkus crafted this bracelet contributes to a feeling of luxury. Placed one along the other, in a matrix of colors, the beautiful, glossy stones turn the bracelet into a luscious piece that mesmerizes through its incredible attention to details and its glamorous, jewel shades. The colorful accents give this 18K bracelet just the right amount of extravagance to make you feel like you’re the star of the night.

If you’re looking for a personal piece that is feminine yet powerful at the same time, then this 18K Sapphire and Diamond "Flora" Bracelet is perfect for you.

Weight: 1.8 oz