Alex Sepkus 18K and Diamond "Lace" Bracelet
Alex Sepkus 18K and Diamond "Lace" Bracelet B-37D
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Alex Sepkus 18K and Diamond "Lace" Bracelet B-37D

Jewelry usually holds an important, maybe even emotional place in our hearts. That’s because they’re an extension of our personalities and styles and for that reason, finding something that allows us to express ourselves can be quite tricky.

This 18K and Diamond "Lace" Bracelet from Alex Sepkus is the perfect combination of contrasting, yet complimentary qualities, wrapping around your wrist in a strong, yet delicate way. The piece is incredibly balanced precisely because of its contrasting elements.

The 18K gold is a soft, yet heavy metal – an element that symbolizes perfection on any level, eternity, refinement and vitality. Gold has always been considered a spiritual element that alludes to wealth and authority.

On the other hand, diamonds, otherwise known as "gems of winter," are considered symbols of luck, success, and were even thought to embody celestial spirits in ancient times. Now, people think of diamonds as the ultimate symbol of love, adoration, and commitment.

Alex Sepkus chose each element carefully and crafted a lace bracelet that features no less than 125 diamonds. With a timeless yet stylish aesthetic, this gold bracelet is sure to become your favorite the moment you lay your eyes on it.

Choosing the perfect jewelry, whether for yourself or someone else, is not an easy decision to make, especially when what you’re looking for can’t fall into a distinct type, like delicate or vintage pieces. This diamond bracelet, however, is perfect for those that feel their choices cancel each other out, offering a mesmerizing combination of contrasts instead.

Weight: 1.88 oz