Sig Sauer SLH .300 BLK Titanium DT Rifle Suppressor SLH300TI
Sig Sauer SLH .300 BLK Titanium DT Rifle Suppressor SLH300TI


  • Caliber:.300 Blackout
  • Weight:.88 lbs
  • Dimensions:Length: 8.8 inches
    Width: 0.67 inches
  • Length:8.8 inches
  • Mount:Clutch-Lok
    Direct thread
  • Item ConditionNew
  • Product TypeSuppressor
  • UPC798681642649


The SLH300TI Suppressor by Sig Sauer was designed to handle both super and sub sonic ammunition, and greatly mitigates noise and flash signature. It features a Monolitthic core construction for enhanced strength and durability as well as a flash reducing end cap. The SLH300TI’s design also features a multi-flow path that vents off gasses at a higher rate, which reduces the fumes exiting from the ejection port. In addition, this suppressor is outfitted with a Clutch-Lok mounting system with an intuitive tactile locking ring making radial locking positions endless.

Features of the SLH300TI Suppressor:

  • Flash reducing endcap
  • Clutch-Lok mounting system
  • Monolittic core construction