B&T Station Six Bolt Action 9mm 5" Bbl Black 9Rd 1 Mag BT-410111
B&T Station Six Bolt Action 9mm 5" Bbl Black 9Rd 1 Mag BT-410111
SKU BT-410111


  • Item ConditionNew
  • Caliber:9mm
  • Action:Bolt Action
  • Safety:Grip Safety
  • Magazines Included:1
  • Magazine Capacity:9 rounds
  • Barrel Length:5.11 inches
  • Slide Finish:Black
  • Frame Finish:Black
  • Caliber or Gauge:9mm
  • Pistol Optics Ready:No
  • Product TypeHandguns
  • MPNBT-410111-US


B&T’s Station Six pistol was heavily inspired by the Welrod, an integrally suppressed single-shot pistol developed during the Second World War for clandestine operations by U.S., British and French agents. The Station Six is a modern-day version of the Welrod, and is one of the few suppressed firearms that can achieve the “Hollywood quiet” level of sound when fired. This truly unique handgun cycles rounds with a single-shot, bolt type action, similar to that of a bolt-action rifle. This action keeps the breech closed throughout the entire firing process, which in turn forces all the expanding gasses into the suppressor for a whisper-quiet report. In addition, the B&T Station Six utilizes a standard 1911-type magazine.

Features of the B&T Station Six:

  • Integrally suppressed
  • Bolt action
  • Ultra low-profile
  • 1911 Type-magazine