Norma TipStrike .280 Rem 160gr Centerfire Rifle Ammo (20/box) 20171222
Norma TipStrike .280 Rem 160gr Centerfire Rifle Ammo (20/box) 20171222
SKU 20171222-Norma


  • Caliber:.280 Rem
  • Bullet Weight:160gr
  • Item ConditionNew
  • Product TypeAmmunition
  • UPC7393923320694
  • MPN20171222


For hunts involving larger game, Norma’s Tipstrike Ammunition reigns supreme. Tipstrike cartridges were designed with a large emphasis on stopping power and deep penetration, making them highly suited for applications where an immediate stop is crucial. Upon impact, up to 100% of energy is delivered. A polymer tip causes a slight delay of expansion to enhance the bullet’s penetration, followed by a devastating shock. The controlled expansion and massive shock ensures maximum lethality, and allows game to be harvested quickly, ethically, and effectively.


  • High stopping power – perfect for applications where immediate stop is crucial
  • Controlled expansion with devastating shock
  • Suitable for medium to large game