Alaska Guide Creations Denali - Kryptek Highlander Binocular Pack DEN-KRY
Alaska Guide Creations Denali - Kryptek Highlander Binocular Pack DEN-KRY


  • Item ConditionNew
  • Product TypeBinocular Accessories
  • Accessory ColorKryptek Highlander
  • UPC653341234216


The "Denali" named after the highest mountain peak in North America, which towers over the Alaskan wilderness at over 20,000 feet above sea level, the Alaska Guide Creations "Denali" aggressively brings the "Go Big or Go Home" attitude into any environment with maximum storage capacity for your optics needs. As the largest line this pack is meant to accommodate full-size binoculars up to around 56mm objective lenses. For example, most 15×56 and 20×56 binoculars would fit perfect in the large harnesses. Some also prefer the extra space to have a little more room for their mid-size binoculars. H.B.S (Hook and Bungee System) closure allows for quiet, easy one hand operation to open and secure the main compartment.

Alaska Classic Dimensions

  • Main Compartment: 7.75" tall x 7" wide x 4" deep
  • Front Compartment: 6.5" tall x 6.75" wide x 2" deep
  • Side Compartment: 6" tall x 3" wide x 1.25" deep
  • Rear Compartment: 7" tall x 7" wide "flat"

Perfect for: Swarovski, Leica, Zeiss, Vortex, 15×50, 15×56 and G7 Rangefinder and other Range Binoculars

Includes: Harness, Binocular Tether System, & Auto-Locking Buckles