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Steiner T5XI 1-5x24 Rapid Dot 3TR 7.62 Riflescope 5102

SKU 5102-Steiner

Rapid Dot 7.62 Reticle

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Tactical scopes from Steiner are the ideal scope for when protection is at its highest importance. Whether along the border or a dark street, law enforcement trusts Steiner Tactical scopes to provide a clear image for keeping the community safe. There are times and places where only the sharpest, toughest, and most reliable optics will do. One blurry image can make for a costly mistake. In the face of disaster, a clear view will give you a life-changing advantage.

Steiner Tactical scopes bring unmatched clarity, accuracy, and self-assurance to any situation. Precise German engineering combined with United States construction, new turrets and reticle give the shooter the victor's edge in long-range and competitive shooting. Steiner prides itself on making optics for life's defining moments.

Steiner Tactical Features

Durable construction that can stand up to any cold or wet condition, waterproof up to depths of 33 feet and impact tested on all optical and electronic components.
Throw Lever/Lens Cover
Allows for a quick, easy magnification change and Tenebraex covers protect the lenses from dust and moisture.
Low Profile Turrets
Less likely to hang up or snag during movement.
Tapered, All Metal Magnification Ring
Angled so the shooter can see his magnification setting while positions directed behind the scope.
Locking Diopter
Prevents accidental rotation of the diopter.

Binoculars, Riflescopes, Battle Sights, Rings and Mounts are backed by Steiners Heritage™ Warranty. Night Vision Devices, Laser Aiming Solutions, Beacons, and Battle Lights are backed by Steiner's eOptics 2 Year Warranty


  • Item ConditionNew
  • Scope Weight:19.4 oz.
  • Scope Length:11.3"
  • Magnification Range:1-5x
  • Scope Objective Diameter:24mm
  • Scope Tube Size / Mount:30mm
  • Turret Adjustment (Click Value):0.1 Milrad
  • Parallax Adjustment:Fixed at 100 yards
  • Reticle Position:Second Focal Plane
  • Reticle Details:Rapid Dot Reticle
  • Field of View:108' 21' @ 100 yds.
  • Eye Relief:4.3"
  • Illuminated Reticle:yes
  • Scope Finish:matte black
  • Product TypeRiflescopes
  • UPC000381851024
  • MPN5102

Customer Reviews

Average Rating
June 3, 2016

Background: This is the optic I went to after I finally gave up on finding a solid, lightweight optic for my Beretta ARX. So, keep in mind that I was "forced" into the variable power optics because I couldn't find what I wanted in any other configuration. I wanted to find an optic that would provide solid, optimized CQB performance while delivering the precision I wanted out to 500m. My emphasis is heavily on the CQB performance of any optic, and I view magnification as more of an identification aid rather than a marksmanship aid. I have astigmatism that prevents me from making really good use of red dot and holographic options, so having a proper optic with diopter adjustments became critical. I shoot accurately with iron sights, so a variable power scope, for me, is about expanding capabilities, not improving marksmanship. What I Like:* Great look and feel. Fits in very well with the ARX and has a sleek, low drag sort of profile, while still feeling very sturdy.* Illumination is every bit as good as competitors with great brightness and clarity.* Great bit of extra accessories with the caps and the throw lever included.* Nice of them to include two batteries.* Nice, simple, straightforward documentation that's relevant to the optic at hand, instead of being excessively generic.* My biggest surprise bonus was that the reticle isn't the straight crosshair reticle as depicted on the product page. It has the same hold overs and windage stadia, but it's a tapered crosshair which makes it *much* nicer than I thought for easy acquisition and keeping track of where you are, despite being so minimalist. I've really very pleased with the reticle now. Nothing complicated to get in the way, but everything I need to get the job done.* The 1× is as good as Steiner advertises. Very clear, great edge clarity, true 1× without funny business. The 1× is every bit as good as I hoped it would be, and it's very easy to get behind, so I'm happy there.* The 5× is sharp and while I'm not terribly attached to magnification, it seems like a good power choice and certainly makes some observation and the like easier.* The turret adjustments feel good.* Auto shut-off on the illumination that you can turn on and off, which is quite nice.What I didn't like:* The optic is relatively long, so if you want to mount lots of things in front of the optic on limited rail space, this isn't your best choice.* The turret caps on this thing were devilishly tight, to the point that I had to use pliers and padding to rotate them off. Something must have frozen or stuck during shipping or the like, because they were very very tight. After working them on and off a little bit, they unstuck themselves and now they can be worked by hand, but that first time was truly troublesome.Overall:Steiner has a winner on their hands here. The optics are the real selling point of this, and you'd be hard pressed to find a better alternative optically at this price point. The weight and ergonomics are all good for a variable power, and the reticle is hands down one of the best reticles I have seen on a tactical CQB scope. If you want something functional, sleek, and minimal without loss of functionality, this is the way to go. It avoids useless feature creep and focuses on what I consider most valuable, the optical experience. It's definitely a bargain. This is an optic that gets out of your way and lets you get the job done.

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September 29, 2016

I run TacticalGunReview.com and get to try everything out.This is my favorite 1-X scope on the market, period.Outstanding glass, lightweight, great reticle, daytime bright illumination.It has it all.

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September 13, 2016

I looked at Vortex, Nightforce, Leupold, & Steiner. Steiner was hands down winner.

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March 2, 2017

I bought this scope with the intent on putting it on a AAC 300 SBR but after seeing how clear the glass it I put it on my best AR a KAC and moved a Nightforce NXS 1-4 to the other, the 3TR reticle is my favorite. Thinking of buying another!!

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December 16, 2015

This is the first scope I have purchased at this price point and what a difference. It really is super clear and the lighted reticle is great. I am an older novice shooter and I can highly recommend this scope if you have issues with your eyes.

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September 23, 2015

I own both T5XI 3-15, and 5-25 scopes. I've now added the 1-5x24 to complete the family. That's how confident I am with the Steiner products. It's the ideal optic for short/medium shooting situations. Best of luck, Rob60

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September 24, 2017

Bought this yesterday and will have it mounted tomorrow morning. Excellent glass and all controls work as advertised..

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June 22, 2016

I bought this for a 458 socom build. I wanted a scope that was as fast as a red dot and had magnifacation to it. The BDC is useless with a 458 but I could see it being fast on a 5.56 or 7.62. I'm going to buy another 1-5 for my next AR build. I think Steiner is a solid performer. I'm going to give them 5 stars on customer service because my turret came off when zeroing my scope. I'm giving 3 stars on quality because it broke on the first outing

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October 24, 2019

The glass is so clear that a friend upon looking through it said, "What magnification is this" i told him it was at 5x and he told me i had just ruined all of his scopes for him. So the glass is great... what else ? The red dot is really nice for cqb and whatever else you're using your red dot for. What don't i like? The BDC. I can see that they went "minimalist" with the reticle.... but honestly... the lines are just a bit too thick for my liking because i like to fine tune my zero and i would prefer thinner lines. Most importantly it's supposed to be calibrated for a 200 yard zero..... and 175 grain ammo. Who wants to shoot 175grain ammo using a 5x scope ? I don't care how clear the glass is.... I have this on my SCAR17S and i can hit steel at 600 yards which is the limit of this reticle... But it certainly isn't ideal and i have to hold high to hit the gong. I'd just LOVE to know what kind of muzzle velocity they used to calibrate their 200 yard zero with. So in the end, clear glass, nice little red dot.... but a BDC ? Seriously ? Are we to be treated like children here ? Put some mil hash on there for flexibility with different calibers and barrel lengths. Why limit yourself at this price point to a certain round, muzzle velocity and caliber ? It's ridiculously stupid. in the same factory in Colorado, Burris had a 1.5-8X CQ Mil Optic that did everything i wanted at less money but they discontinued it due to what the guy told me was poor sales.... I also have to now return that scope as it's got debris loose inside of it obscuring the reticle.. Sad day when everyone goes for BDC reticles.... it's like grown men using training wheels.

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