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Holosun SCS-MOS Multi-Reticle 32MOA Green Circle & 2MOA Dot MOS Pistol Cut Solar-Charging Reflex Sight SCS-M-GR

SKU SCS-M-GR-Holosun

Special Offer Buy this item now and we’ll pay the sales tax on it! *Military/LE/VIP and Industry account holders are excluded from this offer regardless of discount. May not be combined with other offers, promotions, and/or promo codes. If you do not see the tax rebate applied during check out, then you will be charged tax. If you believe this is an error, please contact us before placing your order.
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The Holosun SCS-MOS (Solar Charging Sight) represents the next step in the evolution of pistol mounted red dot sights. The SCS-MOS uses an incredibly low profile mounting deck that is compatible with Glock pistols with the MOS configuration, allowing the use of standard-height iron sights. Holosun SCS sights, use solar power, an integrated rechargeable power source, and an automatic and manually adjustable reticle brightness system to ensure your sight is always ready.

Does not include screws. The screws included with the MOS are to be used to mount this red dot.
Does not fit Glock 43x and 48 MOS footprint.


  • Magnification Range:1x
  • Reticle Details32MOA Green Circle & 2MOA Dot
  • Objective Lens Diameter:0.58" x 0.77"
  • Dimensions:1.93" × 1.03" × 0.91"
  • Weight:1.3 oz
  • BatteryInternal Rechargeable Battery
  • Battery TypeIntegral Battery (Rechargable)
  • Night Vision CompatibleNo
  • Brightness SettingsAuto
  • Product TypeReflex Sight/Red Dot
  • Item ConditionNew
  • UPC810047071679

Customer Reviews

Average Rating
May 27, 2022

Emitter diode shifted within the housing and lost focus within one mag on a G17, optic is INOP within 5 minutes of install.

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June 9, 2022

Put this on my Glock Gen 5 mos, and so far have shot 100 rounds after installing. Took me approximately 12 rounds to achieve zero, and for the rest, I got to enjoy engaging steel targets between 10 and 50 yards. I did not experience any issues with the optic at all. The optic retained zero and was VERY visible even in bright sunlight. So far, I am very happy with this optic. Things to know: -This is a VERY bright green reticle. My one possible complaint is that it might just be a little too bright. It does auto-dim in lower light, but I think it should be even dimmer. Just my opinion. -There is one button that controls all functions of the reticle. Long press to cycle the multi-reticle and power on/off, short press for full brightness override or return to auto brightness (default). -The battery is internal and cannot be replaced. The battery charges via the integrated solar panel only. - Co-witnesses with standard hight sights (mine are factory Glock night sights). No need for suppressor hight sights. -Blends perfectly with the contours of the Glock pistol, looks very sleek. This mounts directly to the slide without the use of an accessory plate. -THIS OPTIC IS DESIGNED FOR AND WILL ONLY FIT GLOCKS WITH AN MOS SLIDE CUT. IF YOUR PISTOL IS NOT A GLOCK, THIS WILL NOT FIT. I need to put many more shots downrange with this set-up, but so far I am happy. It would be wonderful if this was also equipped with Shake-Awake, but due to the very small size I'm not certain they could fit the required components into the optic. According to the literature, the battery should last several years powered-on in a dark environment (like a gun-safe) and will charge while shooting at the range, for a potential infinite battery life (electronic failure notwithstanding). Time will tell. Bottom line, I recommend checking this out if you are interested. I'm happy with mine.

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March 26, 2024

600 rounds through a G34 MOS Gen 5 and running strong, super easy to zero, EuroOptic shipped the item quickly, it was a painless process.

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March 30, 2023

Put on Gen 5 Glock 17 MOS. Fits great and OEM sights still useable. Very low "deck height". I really like that the screws go right into the slide rather than into an adapter plate with separate screws holding the plate to the slide. I love the circle dot reticle. The auto sensing brightness seems to work well. I shot it in the rain and found I was still able to effectively see / use the optical image.

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January 9, 2023

I got this sight a few months ago to test as a carry optic, having used the 509t previously on 2 pistols. The first thing I did was mount it to a brand-new G17 Gen5 MOS, and "zeroed" it to the mounted irons. I then dropped it onto the optic about 5 times in the office. No apparent shift or damage. I took it to a dark room and looked out a window on a bright day - dot still there and easy to see. Light room into dark - dot still there but pretty bright. I took it to the range, and zeroed it. It was good from round one (apparently co-witnessing it to the irons was perfect). The green dot was very bright in the sunlight of the range shooting slow-fire. I ran a qual course with it, let a few guys try it and then threw a handful of dirt into the back of the sight. I could still see the dot, even though it looked like there was dirt down in the emitter. I washed it out with a bottle of water, deliberately not drying it out completely. I could still see the dot. I then threw another handful of dirt into the optic, and crammed it into the emitter. Now the dot was obscured. I blew one time into the back of the sight, and could see the dot again. I shot the pistol again, and it shot to POA. I then rubbed my fingers on my sweaty, greasy face, and rubbed it all over the inside of the lens. Then I added water. This caused a scattering of the dot that made it very difficult to shoot accurately. Although unlikely, adding grease and water to the lens does cause problems. A simple wipe of the lens with a lens cloth cured this, and a q-tip into the emitter gets rid of dirt. I got a little too froggy with the dirt, and made the trigger of the pistol stupid heavy and gritty. I had to do a little more cleaning that day than normal. I've shot with it in training and at 2-3 action pistol matches. Overall this sight is good. I do find shooting at speed in bright sunlight on light or white targets, the green is easier for me to lose than red. A few other guys at work said the same. Maybe my eyeball and brain look for red, but green washes out easier to me. I'd say for 98% of day to day uses, this thing is great. Low profile, plug and play, no replacing existing irons. A lot to like. I just want it to be red. The open emitter isn't as big a deal as I thought it would be. I had to try hard to make the dot go away. PS - don't preach to me about how the eye sees X better than Y because of science - I have both colors and compared them side by side. Red wins for me.

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June 20, 2022

This sight is awesome. The co-witness for factory sight is perfect. The only thing is if this sight had a shake and wake function. You can't beat the fit. The profile is low and it eorks great.

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June 15, 2022

Installed on my 19.5 mos. Looks clean with the slide serrations matching with the optic serrations. put 200+ rounds through it so far, and zeroing was easy. As for EuroOptic, they responded to my emails pretty quickly (6 AM on the dot if I emailed after hours.) Company got the package to UPS the next business day, and UPS took 7 days to deliver to Washington (free shipping).

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June 12, 2022

Have put about 400 rounds through it so far, mostly +p. It was easy to zero, and has held zero well so far. Using the 32 moa circle with the dot is nice for beginners to find the reticle. I have it mounted on a Glock 17 mos (gen 5).

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August 12, 2022

The site had a critical fallure after the first 100-150 rounds of standard pressure 115gr 9mm FMJ rounds were put through it. The reticle became severely distorted, misaligned and unusable. The emitter was clean, new battery installed. The scs mos was installed exactly zper the instructions in the user manual. I was really looking forward to using the SCS Mounted onto my primary daily carry. I’m not sure what Holosun is going to do about it, I just submitted the online warranty for today. I do know that I will not be able to trust a Holosun SCS for daily carry duty. I wish I would have gone with the Trijicon RMR instead. Very unfortunate…

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