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Blaser R8 Complete & Custom Rifles

Blaser R8 Complete & Custom Rifles

Blaser R8 Rifles sit at the pinnacle of modern hunting rifle technology, while still managing to be one of most elegant and stylish rifles on the market. Due to its modularity, a single Blaser R8 can be configured to take down anything walking on four legs. The German engineered Blaser R8 is unlike almost any other rifle on the market, the R8’s straight pull action isn’t just incredibly slick but it’s incredibly safe as well.

Versatility through Modularity

By design the Blaser R8 rifles are completely modular, within minutes you can turn your heirloom quality safari rifle with Grade 11 wooden stock into a rugged and lightweight deep country rifle. The Blaser R8 Rifle can be configured into a wide array of popular American and European chambering from the .204 Ruger to the .500 Jeffery. Changing calibers is quick and incredibly easy, just requiring the loosening of two screws to swap the barrel, magazine change, and the changing of the bolt head if chambering’s are vastly different.


In terms of accuracy the Blaser R8 is at the top of its game—the stock, trigger, bolt, and barrel have all been engineered to ensure that every R8 rifle is dead-on. R8 rifle stocks are designed to feel like an extension of the shooter, and better yet help mitigate recoil with options like KickStop (not available with Success Stocks). The R8 has a light crisp trigger enhancing the accuracy of well-placed shot. The barrel and chamber form two perfectly concentric circles, this kind of attention to detail results in the unparalleled accuracy Blaser is known for.


The design of the Blaser R8’s action make its one of the safest rifles on the planet while out in the field, during transport, and in the home. Unlike most conventional hunting rifles that cock when a round is pushed into the chamber, the Blaser R8 cocking and safety mechanisms are completely dependent on each other. To in order to cock the rifle, the bolt must be closed and you must push forward on the safety/cocking lever, only now is the rifle ready to fire. This design allows you to carry the rifle—safely—with a round in the chamber but is easily cocked the moment you’re ready to fire. To decock the R8 you simply pull back on the cocking lever and the gun is once again completely safe. To ensure the gun is completely safe in the home just remove the magazine from the R8 and the rifle will be unable to cock.

R8 Classic Sporter: The Blaser R8 Classic Sporter features a Prince of Wales grip for superior pointability, Rigby style cheek piece with ample surface for proper cheek weld, rubber recoil pad, beautiful Turkish walnut stock, parallel comb stock for large calibers, manual cocking bolt, interchangeable caliber system, trigger magazine housing combination, and inlayed sling swivels to the custom pistol grip cap.

R8 Attache: Lightweight to carry while hunting in the mountains, the classy Blaser R8 Attache features a velvet black finished receiver, gold-colored trigger and bolt head, wooden ball on bolt handle, fluted barrel, contrast sights, walnut wood grade 7 stock with a Bavarian cheek piece and double rabbet, rubber recoil pad, and an ebony forearm tip.

R8 Baronesse: The stunning Blaser R8 Baronesse is packed with beautiful details, including a fully engraved receiver, gold-colored trigger and bolt head, wooden ball on bolt handle, fluted barrel, contrast sights, walnut wood grade 8 stock with Bavarian cheek piece and double rabbet, rubber recoil pad, and an ebony forearm tip.

R8 Jaeger: The sleek Blaser R8 Jaeger features a Bavarian cheek piece with double rabbet, rubber recoil pad, black synthetic forearm tip, and a walnut wood grade 3 stock.

R8 Kilombero: When heavier is better, choose the Blaser R8 Kilombero rifle. The gorgeous R8 Kilombero features a blued steel receiver which increased weight by 1 lb 3 oz, a Safari barrel with a muzzle diameter of 22mm, ring sling swivel, Safari open sights: express sight, classic ring mount, silver bead, a Safari buttstock with a larger radius at its comb, Monte Carlo cheek piece, red 1” Safari rubber recoil pad, kickstop fitted in the buttstock, Safari forearm with black forearm tip, and walnut wood grade 4 stock. Compatible with all calibers of R8 barrels.

R8 Luxus: The striking Blaser R8 Luxus features side plates with various engraving motifs, contrast sights, a walnut wood grade 4 stock with Bavarian cheek piece, rubber recoil pad, and black forearm tip.

R8 Monza: The stylish Blaser R8 Monza rifle features a professional success stock which allows relaxed posture of hand in any shooting position, a stainless steel brace in the buttstock, and black, weather-proof leather grip inlays with red stitching.

R8 Professional: Built for tracking, the sophisticated Blaser R8 Professional offers a synthetic, grained, anti-slip surface ball and a forgiving synthetic stock with elastomer grip inlays for a good grip, even when wet. The Professional stock provides a completely relaxed posture of shooting virtually eliminating flinching.

R8 Safari: Safari hunting demands a larger caliber, and the Blaser R8 Safari exceeds all necessary demands. The R8 Safari features a Safari barrel with a 22mm muzzle diameter, Safari open sights: express sight and a front sight with nickel silver insert, walnut wood grade 2 Safari buttstock with a larger radius at its comb, Monte Carlo cheek piece, 1” Safari rubber recoil pad, kickstop fitted in the buttstock, and a Safari forearm with a black forearm tip.

R8 Stutzen: The chic Blaser R8 Stutzen rifle features a stainless steel brace in the buttstock, weather-proof leather grip inlays, and a professional stock which allows relaxed hand posture in any shooting position.

R8 Success: The refined Blaser R8 Success rifle features a revolutionary stock which provides a relaxed posture of shooting hand and arm and virtually eliminates all vexatious flinching. Success is in the name for a reason.

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Don’t see the rifle you’re looking for? Blaser R8 rifles are normally bought by component and then assembled. You will need to choose a stock receiver, barrel, bolt housing, fire control and bolt head. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at 570-368-3920! Our salesmen have a strong knowledge of Blaser R8 rifles and will be happy to help you through the buying process. You can also check out this R8 Rifle Configurator from Blaser to help build your dream rifle.

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