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Leica CRF 2400-R Rangemaster Compact Laser Rangefinder 40546

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The Leica Rangemaster CRF 2400-R offers premium level range finding at an entry level price. The CRF 2400-R is capable of delivering highly accurate measurements out to 2,400 yards. In addition, when ranging under 200 yards the new digital LED display will give range information in tenths of a unit, adding that much more precision.

The CRF 2400-R ranges in two units of measurement: Yards and Meters both with the Equivalent Horizontal Range (EHR) feature. The EHR measurement allows the user to get the angle compensated distance out to 1,200 yards. When Scan mode is activated the laser rangefinder measures and displays distances in an astoundingly fast 0.5 seconds and uses a class 1 invisible eye-safe laser. Like all Leica products, the Rangemaster CRF 2400-R is European made and offers the highest quality optical glass.

Features of the Leica Rangemaster CRF 2400-R

  • Only 6.7 Ounces
  • Eye-safe Class 1 Laser
  • Crystal Clear Leica Optics
  • New Round Target Marker
  • LED Display with Decimals
  • Fast Scan Mode Measurements
  • Equivalent Horizontal Range (EHR)
  • Premium Quality and Low Price Point

Leica’s 10-Year Passport Protection Plan & 30 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty

10 Year Passport Protection Plan: For a period of 10 years we will repair or replace your Leica Sport Optic product purchased from an Authorized USA and Canadian dealer in the event it becomes damaged or defective, at no charge to you.

30 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty: Beyond the 10-year Passport Protection, Leica Sport Optics offers a 30-year warranty on the optical system of our products for products purchased in the USA and Canada from an authorized Leica Camera Inc. North American dealer. Once examined, if it is determined that the optical system is defective, we will repair or replace the instrument or defective part.

Click here for additional Leica Warranty Information


  • Item ConditionNew
  • Weight:6.7oz
  • Dimensions:Width: 1.25"
    Height: 2.25"
    Length: 4.5"
  • Range:2,400 Yards
  • Monocular Details7x Magnification
  • LaserClass 1 Eye Safe
  • Angle CompensationEHR: 1200 Yards
  • Measuring Time.5 sec
  • Measurement UnitsMeters and Yards
  • Product TypeLaser Rangefinders
  • UPC4022243405462
  • MPN40546

Customer Reviews

Average Rating
December 2, 2018

I purchased a rangefinder from another manufacturer about 8 years ago. It was a 1200 yard model. I never could get a reading over 550 yards. That was okay because I never wanted to shoot farther than that. Then I got into long range shooting and purchased another brand that was rated to 2000 yards. I was pleased with it because I could get readings out to 1100 yards. I never wanted to shoot big game at long range but was focusing on steel targets and coyotes. My goal is to shoot a coyote at 1000 yards. The 2000 rangefinder was top rated and had high reviews. This fall I started my quest for a 1000 yard coyote after a lot of summer practice. The first day out hunting I had three opportunities at coyotes but couldn't take a shot because the rangefinder wouldn't read past 550 yards. After returning home I started researching and found out this other brand wouldn't read past 550 yards if it was cold. So when I got home I started shopping for a rangefinder that would meet my needs. I considered a $2000 rangefinder knowing I wouldn't have hunts spoiled and be disappointed but that was more than I wanted to spend. My next choice was this Leica 2400. I couldn't be more pleased. I've had it out in very cold weather and it performed great. I have no problem ranging out to a mile. Yesterday I ranged an elk at 2150. And yes today I'm celebrating because the Leica help me kill a coyote at 910 yards. This Leica 2400 is an outstanding rangefinder. You won't be disappointed.

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April 13, 2022

This is the first laser ranger finder I have ever owned and I am very happy with my purchase. I learned a long time ago if you want quality optics do not cheap out. The glass in this hand held is excellent. In fact it is so good that I find I rarely use my 10x binoculars in the field. I've ranged sheep on a hillside out to 1400 yards and trees out to 1800 yards. That's as far as I've pushed it. It's quick, simple to use, and effective. Ranging targets under 1000 is easy. The only thing I don't like is having to keep CR2 batteries on hand. I'm not going to ding the rangefinder as its unfortunately the standard LRF battery for every manufacturer. It would be nice if Leica came out with a version that was CR123a compatible.

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October 9, 2018

I purchased the Leica crf 2400r in combination with my kestrel and ballistic ae app. This combo works for me. Some may like the ability of a ballistic range finder however I have found this to be the most user friendly. Crystal clear glass and accurate readings. What else can you ask for. 👍🏼

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October 9, 2018

Absolutely love this rangefinder nothing is more clear and more crisp , tried ranging a very nice buck at 7:20 pm which is still 25-30 minutes before last light (buck was at bow range and I could see him with my eyes fine but not through the i7 Nikon) down here in Florida and that POS unit would not let me see through the glass as the buck walked by, such a let down that I ordered this unit the next day and left the over priced Nikon as a backup. Pay for quality with Leica and it will be absolutely worth it. When it comes to optics you do get what you pay for unfortunately learned the hard way. The magnification is also incredible at X7 unlike most other units which are X6 and the field of view is wider than my nikons and very clear as I mentioned you can almost range in the dark with the sharp precise red circle it uses. Buy it don't skimp specially if your a bowhunter and yardage is so important.

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December 2, 2023

Very impressed with this rangefinder! Very clear glass for a rangefinder. The first time I took it outside to try, I got a 2000 yard reading. This is the only rangefinder I’ve used that comes remotely close to its advertised range. This is my first Leica product and probably won’t be my last! EuroOptic’s shipping was very impressive too. Ordered Monday afternoon and I received it Tuesday afternoon!

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May 9, 2024

Awesome unit, easy to read and accurate. What more do you need? And Eurooptic shipping was wicked fast!

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