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Vortex AMG UH-1 Gen II Holographic Sight AMG-HS02

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The new Vortex AMG UH-1 Gen II Holographic Sight takes everything you loved about original UH-1 and then improves on it! The most notable improvement on the UH-1 Gen II is that the holographic sight now features four night vision compatible settings and a dedicated night vision button. The UH-1 Gen II also now features a large viewing window for an improved field of view, allowing for faster and more effective target acquisition. The rock-solid construction of the Vortex UH-1 Gen II ensures that the sight excels during heavy use; with AmorTek protected lenses, snag-free design, and an IPX-8 waterproof rating. As its name suggests, the EBR-CQB reticle is designed for close to medium range engagements with the "CQB Triangle" to compensate for mechanical offset at <10 yards. The UH-1 Gen II now also features FHQ technology that eliminates stray light emissions forward of the sight to keep the operator better concealed in low light conditions. As the AMG indicates, the UH-1 Gen II is manufactured in the United States and is covered by Vortex's VIP warranty!

Features of the Vortex AMG UH-1 Gen II Holographic Sight

  • 15 Illuminating Settings (4 Night Vision)
  • Dedicated Night Vision Button
  • Rear Facing Controls
  • Last Brightness Setting Recall
  • Quick Release Mount

Optical Features of the Vortex AMG UH-1 Gen II Holographic Sight

  • Fully Multicoated Lenses
  • Amortek Protective Lens Coating
  • Fogproof
  • Ulimited Eye Relief
  • Parallax Free


  • Magnification Range:1x
  • Power Supply:CR123A
  • Dimensions:3.9"x2.7"x2.1"
  • Weight:11 oz.
  • Reticle Details1 MOA Dot with 65 MOA Ring
  • Battery TypeCR123A
  • Product TypeHolographic Sight
  • Brightness Settings4 NVD 15 Regular
  • Night Vision CompatibleYes
  • Item ConditionNew
  • UPC843829113168

Customer Reviews

Average Rating
August 30, 2020

Europtic didn't waste any tme shipping the UH-1. Received it in a matter of a few days. First off, I really love the UH-1's reticle. The "doughnut of death" really speeds up target acquisition. The the few extra ounces of weight versus a traditional red dot is not noticeable and the unit provides an excellent field of view. The "Huey" is built like a tank and the QD mount is a bonus. All in all, I'm really impressed with this unit.

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August 3, 2020

Shipped extremely quickly. Item arrived in perfect condition and has been working great. The new UH-1 is a great sight, I've had zero issues with it and it has a great, crystal clear picture. Highly recommend.

Was this review helpful?  
July 1, 2021

Super-fast shipping!!! Product was packaged perfectly. As for the Razor AMG UH-1 Gen 2… outstanding optic. Took two 5-round groups to Zero at 36 yards (actually was perfect after 6 rounds). I’ve owned a ton of Holographic Sights and Red Dots, I didn’t think anything could knock my Leupold LCO off of my trusty BCM Recce-16, but it did. For 499.99, you cannot beat it. I’ve bought numerous optics from Euro Optic, never once have I been dissatisfied. Thanks!!

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October 25, 2020

Also EuroOptics was great as usual. Website said on backorder but it arrived 4 days later. Even Amazon Prime can't beat that. And shipping was free.

Was this review helpful?  
October 8, 2022

EuroOptic initially made the mistake of sending me a used UH-1 gen 2 but quickly remedied their mistake by accepting a return of the optic and overnight shipping me a brand new replacement upon request. So while I was initially pretty upset they made things right very quickly and I respect that and will continue doing business with them! The optic itself is great and I consider it a great upgrade to the gen 1: lighter weight, clearer glass with a WAY less noticeable tint (it's almost imperceivable), night vision capability, better battery life than EXPS3 Eotech and $130 less. Worth the money. The one complaint I would have about the optic is that the refresh rate is lower than the Eotech optics so when transitioning targets it has a bit of a shuttering effect (When under magnification I found this to be imperceivable the reticle is also very sharp when magnified ). However once you're on target it doesn't really matter.

Was this review helpful?  
November 18, 2023

Solid unit. Feels like it can take a beating. Crystal clear galss, easy to use controls. My only negative about this product is that the reticle is not as sharp and crisp as other holographic sights in the same price range.

Was this review helpful?  
August 11, 2022

I recently got this optic and ran about 500 rnds with it. Before buying I was between this and the eotech I prefer the reticle on this over the eotech. Euro optic shipped it out extremely fast but ups sucks and managed to turn 1 day shipping into a week but that's not euro optic fault. I'd definitely buy this again

Was this review helpful?  
August 4, 2022

Halographic is clear and easily adjustable, Eurooptic gave a great deal and was an easy purchase. Would buy again.

Was this review helpful?  
January 4, 2022

Awesome product, probably the best reflex sight I've ever used. For those who wrote that the red reticle is pixelated and blurry, ignore them, they obviously don't know how to use the sight. If you are looking at the target like you are supposed to be, the reticle is smooth, crisp and clear. Especially if both of your eyes are open (Hint Hint). But if you are staring right at the red reticle like a ******, then yeah, it's going to be blurry and pixelated, SMH. Anyways I recommend this sight to anyone and everyone. The only thing that would make this sight better is if you could change the color of the reticle, like green, yellow, orange, blue and so on... If you are looking for a high quality sight, then definitely buy the Razor AMG UH-1 Gen 2. I have no affiliation with this company. :)

Was this review helpful?  
December 20, 2021

Great product! Clear glass! Very accurate.

Was this review helpful?  
June 23, 2021

New into the holographic sight game decided on the UH1-gen 2 over eotech cheaper and with lifetime warranty through vortex can’t beat it! Optic is clear as a eotech from what I see besides the profile little larger but buttons and adjustments are great! Euro optics was quick shipping and priced great can’t wait to keep shooting with this optic and improve my skills!

Was this review helpful?  
March 4, 2021

The UH-1 Gen II is my first holographic and I couldn’t be more pleased. Functionality, weight, cost, & style is everything I was looking for. EuroOptics did a great job notifying me when it was in stock. Even better, they sent it to me in a timely manner.

Was this review helpful?  
March 8, 2024

The only reason I'm giving this optic 4 stars instead of 5 is because it's still new and only time will tell how well it holds up. So far I'm impressed. I have run this optic on a CZ Bren2 11in 762x39, a 11.5 sbr AR15, 11.5 AR chambered in 6.8spc, and a 308 AR10. The optic held zero with all the guns I ran it on. The glass is clear and the reticle makes for quick target acquisition. A few people I've let run the optic bought one shortly after using it.

Was this review helpful?  
July 6, 2023

Pros: Great form and function. User friendly, great reticle, overall really nice optic. Cons: Battery life. This thing is an absolute battery whore. Without leaving it on, it has drained a battery in months… with zero use. The 1500 hours of use rating is BS. And it uses the expensive CR123 batteries. Conclusion: Really nice optic but the battery life is a deal killer and makes it unreliable for home defense or any situation in which you don’t want to get caught by surprise that your new battery is dead.

Was this review helpful?  
June 15, 2022

EuroOptic is great! Fast Shipping, occasionally a great sale. The Vortex UH-1 leaves a little to be desired. I think everyone reading this understands how it feels to have expectations when a new product is delivered. Sometimes the disappointment dampens the excitement. When I opened the box, everything was great. I removed the UH-1 from the box, the weight was a little on the heavy side, but that was expected. I inserted the battery and turned it on. That’s where the only downer came up. The reticle is heavily pixilated, a holographic sight can be pixilated, but not with blurriness or starring effect. That is why people with astigmatism lean toward holographic sights, because the reticle remains crisp. Aside from this disappointment, the optic has been great. It zeroed easily and when I say, it is heavy, in reality it is lighter than all LPVO’s plus mounts, so people shouldn’t get wound up because it is 11oz. Most Eotechs are close to the same weight and they can be a little pixelated as well sometimes. I was just hoping it would be better than the Eotech. I gave it 4 stars because it was pixelated worse than the Eotech. Aside from that, the UH-1 has performed flawlessly so far in some fairly hot Alabama weather.

Was this review helpful?  
August 24, 2021

A very nice optic. Obviously well made, in the USA no less. Every bit a competitor to the EoTech, the only thing I noticed is the reticle might be a little more blurry than the Eotech. It makes up for it with how clear the glass is, it looks like it isnt even there. I can’t wait to get to the range and zero it.

Was this review helpful?  
October 25, 2020

I have the Gen1 and love it. Glass is great and target acquisition is fast and accurate. Gen 2 is an improvement in that it is night vision compatible but otherwise no real improvement (not that any is needed). Since the Gen1is no longer available I would not hesitate to buy it again. I have compared to others at a much higher price point and even if same price would still go with UH-1.

Was this review helpful?  
November 1, 2023

I have come to expect a certain standard of quality from Vortex optics as each one of fire arms (pistols, rifles, and tactical shotguns) all have Vortex optics. This product is NOT to that same standard. The reticle inside the optic is hazy and does little to give me confidence in the “MOA” it advertises. I will be forced to put this on a home defense shotgun where accuracy at distance isn’t a requirement.

Was this review helpful?  
November 14, 2020

This thing looks awesome, but the performance doesn't match the looks or price. The resolution of the reticle is very poor. If you have sharp vision like me, don't buy this. I expect better from the Vortex Razor line. The mount isn't very good either. It only clamps in one small spot near the back of the base. Considering the grainy nature of the reticle, I fail to see what holographic technology is doing for me over a red dot beside eating up batteries.

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