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Vortex Razor HD Gen III 6-36x56 FFP EBR-7D MRAD Riflescope RZR-63602

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Dominate the competition with the Razor Gen III 6-36x56mm Riflescope by Vortex! It delivers an excellent balance of magnification and field of view thanks to its industry leading optical system, as well as first-rate resolution, contrast, and clarity. The Razor Gen III comes equipped with Vortex’s advanced L-Tec+ Zero stop System which is composed of captive parts and only one screw set. This system allows the user to make precise adjustments to windage and elevation in the field with a micro-adjust dial that provides infinite zero setting positions between clicks for optimal accuracy and a perfect return to zero. In addition, the Razor Gen III is equipped with a glass etched, EBR-7D MRAD illuminated reticle in the first focal plane. The EBR-7D reticle is composed of a precise .03 MRAD free-floating center dot, that sits atop a “Christmas tree” structure of hash marks and holdover points. These hash marks and hold over points are exceptional at compensating for wind drift and bullet drop at extended ranges, but can also be used to acquire a lead on a moving target as well as gauging the range on a target or object of known height.

Features of the Razor Gen III 6-36x56mm Riflescope:

  • L-Tec+ Zero Stop System – Allows the user to make adjustments to elevation and windage in the field with a micro-adjust dial that provides infinite zero setting positions between clicks for optimal accuracy and a perfect return to zero
  • EBR-7D Reticle – First focal plane, illuminated reticle composed of a precise .03 MRAD free-floating center dot, that sits atop a “Christmas tree” structure of hash marks and holdover points. These hash marks and hold over points can be used to compensate for bullet drop and wind drift, as well as acquire leads on moving targets and get the range on targets of a known height
  • HD Optical System
  • XR Plus Lens Coatings


  • Item ConditionNew
  • Scope Weight:45.1 ounces
  • Scope Length:15.3 inches
  • Magnification Range:6-36x
  • Scope Objective Diameter:56mm
  • Scope Tube Size / Mount:34mm
  • Turret Adjustment (Click Value):1/10 MRAD
  • Elevation Turret Details:Exposed - L-Tec+ Zero Stop System
    36.1 MRAD
  • Windage Turret Details:Exposed - L-Tec+ Zero Stop System
    15.5 MRAD
  • Parallax Adjustment:10 yards to infinity
  • Reticle Position:First Focal Plane
  • Reticle Details:EBR-7D MRAD
  • Field of View:21.3 feet @ 100 yards (low power)
    3.5 feet @ 100 yards (high power)
  • Eye Relief:3.5 inches
  • Illuminated Reticle:Yes
  • Package Includes3 inch sunshade
    Throw lever
    Lens cloth
    CR2032 battery
    Custom 2mm Throw Lever Tool
    Custom 2.5mm Turret Tool
  • Scope Finish:Anodized Stealth Shadow Finish
  • Scope Turret Rotation:Counter Clockwise (CCW)
  • Product TypeRiflescopes
  • UPC843829120470
  • MPNRZR-63602

Customer Reviews

Average Rating
January 25, 2022

I shot with this scope today side-by-side with a tangent theta 5-25. comparing 25X to 25X on both scopes, me and my partner agreed unequivocally that the vortex glass is as good as tangent theta and possibly an infinitesimal better. The Vortex glass appeared to have slightly better intertonal gain, also known as microcontrast, the ability to differentiate tiny changes in grayscale. This puts the maximum amount of information on your retina which improves the ability of your brain to understand what you’re looking at. The vortex was generally brighter. But keep in mind our session was in broad daylight mid to late morning on a sunny day. We did not do any examination in low light conditions. Maybe there are conditions where tangent theta is still better I don’t know. But for the price I would say Vortex hit a grand slam with the GEN three. Great job, Vortex!!

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March 24, 2022

Just got the scope today 3/24/22 and Want to love the scope as i have over 5 other vortex products to include scopes and range finders. got it very fast from euro optic and have zero complaints about them as a company. That being said the Box seal was already open when I recieved the scope, and come to find out after mounting the scope the elevation turret 0 does not line up with the elevation witness mark. to top it all off, the elevation turret in the locked position has substantial rotational play. The windage is rock solid and lines up perfect with the witness mark so i know that there is issue with the elevation turret. For a 3000$ scope this should never have been an issue that someone had to deal with the day they received the scope. Very disappointing to say the least. Was so excited to finally save up and buy this high end scope to only have to wait even longer and send the scope back for repair before even one round was fired. Emailed vortex to start a return for repair/replacement

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February 25, 2022

Like the scope. Not sure if I got a demo model. Box was opened. The tool for zeroing was the wrong tool. Mine came with the L-tec tool from a Gen 2 Razor. Drove two hours to the range only to find I couldn't zero my scope because the wrong turret was supplied. Just my luck

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March 23, 2023

Some of the clearest glass I've seen! Probably the best zero stop setup out there.

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May 15, 2023

Glass is better than anything in its price range. The way it zeroes is phenomenal. Comes with flip up scope covers I didn’t know about. As people have said it is easy to lock the turret but that should only be a problem to a minority group of shooters. (Spacers exist to remedy the problem if you shoot competitively) the reticle is a bit busier than I prefer on a rimfire but it’s great on a Centerfire. The parallax is very forgiving. Overall I would choose this scope over a mark5,atacr,s3.

Was this review helpful?  
March 3, 2023

I'm not new to Vortex, but this is my first high-end scope from them, and it was everything I hoped for. Clarity is amazing. I also purchased the scope flip caps not realizing the scope comes with them. The turret clicks are nice and crisp. Aside from 2 minor flaws I found, everything about the scope is perfect. There may be an issue with them locking on me while trying to adjust. The locking feature requires very light pressure to engage. The sun shade that came with the scope was a dark color of the scope body, which hurts my OCD. Paying this price, I would expect quality control to find something like this and remedy it prior to shipping. Euroopttic was good, although I did not get the RED shipping I was hoping for from the product description. Their return policy made it not worth returning the scope flip caps I purchased.

Was this review helpful?  
February 24, 2022

Very impressive, replaced a more expensive scope and think it might be an upgrade.

Was this review helpful?  
February 22, 2022

Just have to say Eurooptic is hands down one of the best places to do business with. Their customer service is top notch. The Vortex Gen 3 I recently purchase from this is a top tier scope… glass is clear and the new reticle is great for PRS. The turrets are crisp yet easy to manage. My only complaint is that the locking mechanism is a bit too easy to close. With some practice it won’t be a factor.. thanks Vortex for a superb product

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July 3, 2024

It's an awesome scope, this is my second one after buying my first used a couple years ago. Getting the scope shade, throw lever and flip caps is a nice plus. EuroOptic is of course great to do business with.

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May 7, 2024

This optic is great. The clarity is phenomenal, this is the first higher end scope I have bought, and I'm glad I did.

Was this review helpful?  
January 26, 2024

Glass is excellent.

Was this review helpful?  
November 2, 2023

Great Optic. I have a few of the Gen 3 Razors as well as od a few other higher priced brands and its hard to deny the features of the Razor are right in line with those. Eurooptic.com is always fast to ship and extremely helpful if you have questions on picking out anything they offer.

Was this review helpful?  
September 14, 2023

Just received this amazing scope from EuroOptic and preparing to mount it on my TRG22 6.5 Creedmoor, which I also purchased from EuroOptic several years ago. First, however, I want to thank Josh Holdren for years of impeccable guidance on products I've purchased there. He has always been patient, extremely knowledgeable, and spot on with his recommendations. In over 50 years of dealing with sellers, I have NEVER encountered such customer service and care. Please recognize him for his outstanding service.

Was this review helpful?  
June 17, 2023

This is a second Gen 3 razor 6-36x56 for me. Prior to picking the first one up I had been using a Gen 2 Razor for several years before moving to a NF ATACR and most recently a Leupold Mark 5 for use in PRS matches. While both the ATACR and Mark 5 had features that I liked, I ran into issues finding targets under certain lighting conditions with the ATACR and a strong dislike for the windage turret indicator and tighter field of view and how sensitive (and lack of depth) the parallax setting was with the Mark 5. That lead me to try the Gen 3. It took a while for the reticle to grow on me, but I loved the wide field of view, larger easier to read turret markings the new one screw design for zeroing. The overall glass quality and coatings are great and seem to bring everything into razor focus. The parallax adjustments are not sensitive and seem to offer a very deep depth of field. Over all I was impressed enough to purchase this second one for use on my training rifle. Sales and service through Euro Optic has always been great and shipping quick. I have been a customer for years and first learned of them at a match they had sponsored.

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June 11, 2023

Was blown away at the clarity of this scope. I have owned Nightforce ATACR, Minox ZP5, Kohl's 6x24 and the Kahles 5x25. This I believe might be better than all and as good or maybe better than the Nightforce. Great eye relief at high power. The best I have seen.

Was this review helpful?  
June 11, 2023

As a follow up to a previous review. Vortex must of fixed there turret issues on the Vortex 6-36x56 gen lll razors. Very tactile clicks and elevation turret stays locked up when adjusting.

Was this review helpful?  
June 9, 2023

Amazing Vortex 6-36x56 Razor gen lll. Euro optics also had it delivered in two days, amazing again. This same Razor has the world record long distance shot as well. Glass on par with Nightforce.

Was this review helpful?  
June 8, 2023

Very excellent for the money. Solid turret feel and tracking, excellent glass, clean finish, flip-caps are fine. I would definitely buy again

Was this review helpful?  
June 7, 2023

This is an amazing optic. I shoot Nightforce and Kahles. This scope is right there with the best. This sits on my PRS .22 rifle.

Was this review helpful?  
June 5, 2023

Amazing quick delivery from Europtic and an awesome scope! The box seal was open also on mine no apparent use, damage or defects. Turrets are great and reticle clarity spot on! After a few sight in shots (very easy to adjust as the tool keys included fit perfectly) had solid impacts from 100-862 yards dialing in dope to multiple ranges in between had over 120 impacts every shot but two (operator error :)) The view, clarity and preciseness of adjustments definite upgrade from the Strike Eagle using previously! Thank you EurOptics and Vortex for another great product! Can't wait for next PRS match!

Was this review helpful?  
April 27, 2023

This is a significant upgrade over the GenII. The zero process is excellent when fine tuning a zero. Clear glass, great tracking, and built like a tank. Couple that with the price from EuroOptic, I’m not sure there’s a better deal out there.

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April 15, 2023

Love the scope, comparing the scope alongside my ATACR and Tanget it's a hard decision on if one is any clearer than the other. Also like others my box was open but if you look ar the packaging the seal isn't strong enough to take the twisting motion the box can endure in shipping. As I came to this when I ordered a second one and it was partially tore . So rest assured there not demo's. The bix just needs 2 seals or a tucknin retailer flap. That said this is. Fantastic optic for the money.

Was this review helpful?  
November 23, 2022

This is my 2nd Gen 3 scope. I have one in both MOA and MRAD, and love both. The zero process is truly the easiest system I’ve used, and is very precise. The locking turrets, although nice, are not nearly as robust as the Gen 2 version, and the clicks, particularly on the elevation turret, are not nearly as pronounced. The windage turret feels great. The other controls are very smooth, as they should be. The glass is really, quite honestly, the brightest glass I have, and has amazing clarity. I have several high end scopes, including Schmidt Bender, ZCO, Steiner Military, Trijicon, and 3 Razor HD Gen 2’s,as well as a Nightforce ATACR and the glass in the Gen 3, in my opinion, is the best amongst them. The reticle is nice, not overly busy, and easy to read, but really wish they had a Tremor 3 or 5 version available. It’s too bad that vortex doesn’t include some nice scope caps (Tenabraex) like Trijicon, Steiner and Nightforce do. The included tools, sunshade, decals and cleaning cloth are all nice touches, and the box is pretty darn cool too. All in all, dollar for dollar, it’s hard to beat this scope, especially with the extra elevation it offers compared to the Gen 2. Give me a Tremor 3 reticle and I’d give it 6 stars.

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January 29, 2022

Excellent glass with easy zeroing and nice adjustments. Love the zoom range

Was this review helpful?  
January 28, 2022

Shot a practice and a club match with it. It is clearer than the gen 2. Love that little bit more magnification for zeros. Also, the zero process is worlds better than the gen 2. Aside from just me getting used to the slight differences in user operation on the clock I am very happy with it. So much so I’m planning on a second one for my other rifle.

Was this review helpful?  
February 1, 2022

Glass clarity is a big upgrade from the Gen 2 & I love the parallax settings! I've shot in 2 PRS competitions with this season (2022) with the Gen 3 and for the price point I love the scope. You cannot compare the glass clarity to a Theta or ZCO but for the price its great glass. The Zero turrets are amazing, Vortex hit it out of the park! super easy zero. Turret clicks are nice, not too rough but not mushy. My only complaint (from a pure competition standpoint) is the locking turrets, I bumped my elevation turret and didn't realize until I went to adjust and lost a little time. If vortex came out with another model without locking turrets I would but that one instead. Pros: - Glass clarity - Parallax is awesome! - Price Point - Zero system - Extra magnification - Weight Cons: - Locking Turrets only

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