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ATN MO4 Night Vision Monoculars

The ATN MO4 is a handheld night vision monocular that is a rugged, reliable, and affordable alternative to bulky and expensive night vision binoculars. The MO4 monocular includes features that are commonly found on higher priced units such as automatic shut off, bright light cut off systems, infrared illuminators, and unbeatable clarity and brightness. ATN makes a model for everybody, whether your focus is on security, law enforcement, border patrol, armed forces, or recreational activities such as boating, camping, or hunting. All units feature ATN’s Total Darkness IR System.

As with all night vision capable optics, generation matters. First generation night vision technology is the most affordable, and uses the first generation of passive infrared technology developed. Generation 1 night vision collects and amplifies ambient light from the moon, stars, nearby lights, and other sources to illuminate the sight picture.

On the other end of the spectrum, Generation 4 night vision is top of the line - the most recent development in night vision technology. These devices utilize the most cutting edge technologies to provide better clarity and increased light transmission over longer distances. Overall, 4th Generation night vision vastly outperforms 1st, 2nd/CGT/HPT, and even 3rd Generation night vision.

Available ATN MO4 Night Vision Models

  • ATN MO4-1: First generation, this is the most affordable of the MO4 lineup. Includes ATN’s SMART technology for automatic on/off operation, but does not include more advanced features such as automatic brightness control or bright light cut off.
  • ATN MO4-2: Basic second generation night vision offers significant improvements over Generation 1 for clarity and brightness. This unit includes the automatic brightness control and bright light cutoff.
  • ATN MO4-CGT: CGT stands for Custom Grade Tube. CGT night vision is second generation technology with improvements over standard 2nd Generation image intensifier tubes.
  • ATN MO4-HPT: HPT stands for High Performance Tube and is another 2nd Generation night vision technology with slight improvements over CGT models that place its performance below Generation 3 night vision devices. This means increased brightness and clarity at a more affordable price.
  • ATN MO4-WPT: Unlike standard night vision, White Phosphor Technology (WPT) night vision appears in black and white instead of green, and supports a higher resolution and signal-to-noise ratio than standard Generation 2 night vision.
  • ATN MO4-3: Third generation night vision is the standard used by the United States military. These night vision optics use a Gallium Arsenide photo cathode for light amplification and provide improved clarity and light transmission over Generation 2/CGT/HPT tubes.
  • ATN MO4-3A: Generation 3A is still Generation 3 night vision, but the tubes used in 3A night vision devices are the best of the 3rd Generation tubes available.
  • ATN MO4-3P: The MO4-3P is also a third generation night vision monocular, but uses Generation 3 Pinnacle tubes and gated power supply for more reliable performance in light polluted areas where other night vision monoculars may struggle to function properly. Typically, resolution and signal to noise ratio are higher in Generation 3P units.
  • ATN MO4-4: This MO4 is the top of the line offered by ATN. Unmatched image clarity, high signal to noise ratio, SMART Technology, automatic brightness control and bright light cut out, and the reliability expected from professional night vision optics.
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