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Heckler & Koch Hack - Fake Letters and Website! UPDATED 5/8/2017

Update 2017-05-08 :-------------

In one of the most asinine apology letters I've ever seen, we received a letter from the "Peng! collective" claiming ownership for the fake HK letter - and asking us to consider donating to their good cause which was merely "rais[ing] awareness about Germany's role in world wide arms trade as well as Heckler & Koch's position in the market"...simply breathtaking. I don't even have the words for this.

Full letter:

Dumbest Letter I've Ever Read


We have just received a somewhat disturbing letter from the Heckler & Koch factory in Germany (see below for complete text), saying that due to the "rise in firearms-related deaths" and a "highly volatile foreign policy under President Donald Trump", they won't be exporting us any more firearms from their facility in Germany - and that they'd like the ones we have back....except that it's not real.

This is also published on a fake Heckler & Koch German website. Note that the domain name is slightly different, and if you remove the /recall/ URL, it redirects to the -real- Heckler & Koch Germany website.

So what this means is that someone, who we have no information on yet, has not only published this on a fake website, but scraped the names of HK dealers and distributors (of which we are but one) and sent them paper copies of the letter.


This is an epic hack - and whoever did this should get into legitimate ventures, because it certainly looks like it took a ton of work to pull off.

Letter Received from Heckler & Koch


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