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We tell folks every day on the phone and in our new showroom about how the Tikka rifle, out of the box, is a hammer - and it feels good to get a little validation when our happy customers tell us that we were right. Our friend Jake K. from New Hope, Pennsylvania gives us that satisfaction when he wrote us back to let us know how happy he was with his new Tikka T3x TAC A1, chambered in the new hotness 6.5 Creedmoor:

The range trip to zero my new rifle ended with the group in photo one. Hor ELD match 140gr @ 100 yds.

12 clicks right after #1, and another after #2 put me at 9oclock on the 9 ring where #3,4,5 entered the same hole. This is the smallest group I have ever shot - even though it is only 3 rounds, I'm pretty satisfied with this rifle. My 6.5x47 and 260 Rem rifles I have had never got into the same zip code as this rifle.

I have dealt with EuroOptic for years and have never been disappointed with their service or products. #2 is the world record 3 shot 100yd record, held for years.

When you can compare your work to targets like the one above, that speaks volumes.

Thanks Jake, we're happy to help - and for sharing this Success Story, we'll be sending you a $50 gift card.


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