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New For 2019 - Nightforce MIL-XT Reticle and F2 7-35x ATACR Riflescopes

The New Nightforce Mil-XT Reticle

Nightforce has just released four scopes for the ATACR series that feature the company’s brand new Mil-XT reticle. The Mil-XT is a first focal plane reticle and was designed specifically for the PRS style shooter with .2 mil holds and a .05 mil center dot. Whole mils are numbered for elevation and windage, giving the shooter a fast point of reference for each shot. This new first focal plane reticle will be available in all long range ATACR configurations including the 7-35x56mm, 5-25x56mm, 4-16x50mm, and 4-16x42mm.

Expected Arrival Dates For ATACR F1 Mil-XT Riflescopes:

4-16x42mm - C615: April 2019

4-16x50mm - C619: April 2019

5-25x56mm - C616: April 2019

7-35x56mm - C613: Late January 2019

Nightforce Second Focal Plane 7-35x56mm ATACR Riflescopes

Nightforce is also releasing second focal plane configurations of the 7-35x56mm ATACR riflescope. Previously the 7-35x56mm ATACR scopes only featured reticles in the first focal plane, adding hundreds of dollars to the retail price. The new SFP 7-35x56mm models offer a little more affordability as well as two of Nightforce’s popular proprietary reticles, the MOAR-T and MIL-C. Both of these ATACR configurations feature ZeroStop technology on the elevation turrets as well as DigIllum reticle illumination.

The expected arrival date for the second focal plane 7-35x56mm ATACR riflescopes is late March 2019.

Preorders for these scopes start 12/20/2019 and we recommend doing so if you want yours around the estimated arrival date.

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