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The Barrett Advanced Sniper Rifle System Kits Are Finally Here!

Back in 2017, USSOCOM announced that they we’re looking to replace the Remington Modular Sniper Rifle less than a decade after entering service. On March 11th, 2019 the Department of Defense released  that Barrett’s Multi-Role Adaptive Design (MRAD) rifle had won the competition, secured the 5 year $50 million contract, and would be designated the Mk22 Advanced Sniper Rifle. Barrett’s MRAD beat out six other rifle submissions including Accuracy International’s ASR rifle, a rifle based on their new AXSR rifle design. The requirements set out for the Advanced Sniper Rifle (ASR) by USSOCOM were fairly similar to those from the PSR solicitation in 2009 – except specifically requesting that submissions be chambered for 7.62x51mm NATO, .300 Norma Magnum, and .338 Norma Magnum. 

Barrett’s history and expertise of building rock solid semi-automatic rifles is pretty apparent in the design of the MRAD. I say that because the MRAD more resembles an AR10 than it does than it does a traditional bolt action rifle – even the more tactical bolt guns like AI’s AXMC, Sako’s TRG, or Christensen’s MPR. The MRAD actually features a separating upper and lower receiver, much like AR platform rifles. Additionally, the bolt rides in a completely enclosed receiver using a polymer sleeve that not only reduces friction when operating the bolt but also keeps crud and debris out of the action.

The Mk22 Advanced Sniper Rifle does differ from the MRAD in a few ways, some more impactful than others. Most notably, Barrett abandoned their proprietary mounting system found on production MRADs, opting instead for Magpul’s M-Lok mounting system. Another notable change found on the Mk22 Advanced Sniper Rifle is the muzzle device – because the Mk22 is designed to be easily suppressed, the brake is part of a dual locking system for the Advanced Sniper Rifle suppressor.  The buttstock of the  features a few upgrades including a bag rider rail cover, adjustable buttpad, and mechanically adjustable comb height.

To commemorate USSOCOM’s selection of the MRAD as the Mk22 Advanced Sniper Rifle, Barrett has created a limited edition Barrett Mk22 Advanced Sniper Rifle System Deployment Kit and Advanced Sniper Rifle System Suppressor. These kits will include every component of the Mark 22 Advanced Sniper Rifle that would deploy with US Special Operations forces including the case, barrels, magazines, and more. The Mk22 Suppressor will be available for purchase separate from the kit. Only 100 of these Barrett Mk22 Advanced Sniper Rifle System kits will be available as a EuroOptic Exclusive; rarely do you get the chance to own the same gear as USSOCOM's elite warriors – and this is one of those opportunities.

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  • Eric B.

    12/26/2019 10:13:10 PM | Reply

    So with this "civilian MRAD" does that mean my friend's 5 year old MRAD in .338 LM will bring a higher price?

    • Jonah - EuroOptic

      12/27/2019 9:11:12 AM | Reply

      Tough to say, Eric, the market is impossible to predict right now. Hard to imagine that this fairly prestigious contract won't increase the MRAD's profile, though.

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