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Introducing the Trijicon RCR a.k.a. Ruggedized Closed Reflex Sight

Trijicon combines the speed and accuracy of the renowned RMR miniature reflex sight and the legendary durability of the ACOG riflescope with the all-new RCR (Ruggedized Closed Reflex). This compact, extremely durable optic is the first fully-enclosed pistol reflex made by Trijicon, and is designed to meet the stringent demands of military and law enforcement applications. It utilizes the same bolt pattern as the RMR, allowing the RCR to be mounted without the need for additional plates, enables the use of RMR compatible iron sights, and allows the optic to be mounted using the Trijicon RMR bolt pattern. This mounting interface makes use of the patented Capstan Screws, a durable and multi-platform friendly system that eliminates the risk of over-torquing, cross threading, and screw-head stripping. The Capstan Screws features holes milled into the sides of the screw head rather than the top, allowing the screw to be tightened from the side and recessed into the RCR’s housing.

The RCR’s sheer level of durability also extends to the optic’s housing and internal electronic components. The housing is made from premium 7075-T6 aluminum, and like all previous models of the RMR, it features a unique patented shape that diverts the force of impacts away from the lens. This  greatly increases the survivability of the RCR if the host weapon is dropped, ensures the optic withstand direct impacts, and enables the user to brace the RCR on a flat surface to rack the slide of the host weapon single handedly. The battery contacts have also been optimized for durability, and a top loading battery compartment allows the RCR’s battery to be replaced without removing the optic from the weapon.

All in all, the RCR is an excellent optic – a quality shared by all of Trijicon’s products. Its combination of durability, fast shooting, and multi-platform compatibility makes the RCR an ideal option for shooting  application.

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