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Just Released: The Trijicon RMR HD Type 3 Reflex Sights

In 2009, Trijicon revolutionized compact reflex sights with the renowned RMR miniature reflex sight. Now, 14 years later, Trijicon has once again set a new standard for reflex sights with the all new RMR HD Type 3! This compact, rugged optic shares all of the same features as its predecessors such as the same mounting interface, excellent optical quality, and extreme durability, but now features a wide array of upgrades based on feedback from real world users.

One of the most notable improvements is a forward-mounted light sensor, which enables the RMR HD Type 3’s Automatic Brightness mode. This advanced feature detects the light at the target – not just the shooter – and adjusts the reticle's brightness accordingly. This eliminates the issue of “reticle washout” when moving dimly lit space to brightly lit area, as well as “reticle bloom” when moving from a bright to a dark area.

The reticle brightness can also be manually adjusted to 1 of 9 brightness settings, including 3 night-vision compatible and 1 super-bright setting. The reticle itself is available in 2 configurations: a 1 MOA dot in the center of a 55 MOA segmented circle for applications such as on PDWs and PCCs, and a 3.25 MOA dot in the center of a 55 MOA segmented circle for handguns and shotguns. Both options are feature a muti-reticle design that allows the user to choose between a center dot and a segmented circle combination, a dot only, and a segmented circle only.

An innovative feature of the multi-reticle design is the Reticle Relative Brightness mode, which can be used to fine tune the contrast between the dot and segmented circle in 3 modes: low displays a bright dot and dimmer circle, default illuminates the dot and circle equally, and high shows a circle that’s brighter than the dot.

In addition to its advanced technical improvements, the RMR HD Type 3’s overall user interface has been optimized for ergonomics, easy of use, and faster shooting. The buttons are larger and provide a more tactile and audible response, allowing the user to make adjustments in dark environments, when wearing gloves, or in adverse conditions. A unique index ridge alignment aid on the top of the housing promotes faster sight picture acquisition even when in an atypical shooting position, and adjustments to windage and elevation can be made without the use of special tools. The battery compartment has also been upgraded to a top loading design for battery changes without removing the optic from the host weapon.

Like all of Trijicon’s products, the RMR HD Type 3 is an outstanding optic. Its combination of technical improvements, ease of use, and Trijicon’s renowned durability make the RMR HD Type 3 an ideal choice for virtually any shooting application.

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