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Compact and Powerful - Vortex’s New Razor HD 13-39x56mm Spotting Scopes

New for 2023, Vortex’s Razor HD 13-39x56mm Spotting Scopes deliver excellent optical quality in a compact package. Available in both straight and angled configurations, the new Razor HD’s reduced weight and bulk makes them a perfect choice for backcountry hunters or other individuals who require a spotting scope that weights as little as possible and doesn’t take up much space in their pack. The Razor HD 13-39x56mm Spotting Scope achieves this with a streamlined construction highlighted by a helical focus wheel. Not only does the innovative focusing wheel cut down on weight and bulk, it also enhances the optic’s ergonomics  and eliminates a potential snag point.

Despite the Razor HD 13-39x56mm’s compact and lightweight design, it still offers the same level of imaging abilities that all Vortex optics are known for. They come standard with an HD Optical System to ensure brilliant edge-to-edge color and clarity. Imaging abilities are further enhanced thanks to the XR Plus lens coating to provide maximum light transmission, allowing the Razor HD 13-39x56mm Spotting Scopes to be used in virtually any light condition from dawn to dusk. Other features of the Razor HD 13-39x56mm Spotting Scopes include two mounting options for tripods. The first is its ARCA Swiss compatible foot which can be attached to any tripod or accessory that accepts ARCA Swiss rails. The second option is a 1/4x20” female threaded insert that can be attached to any standard tripod quick release plate that accepts 1/4x20” threaded studs.

Furthermore, the Razor HD 13-39x56mm Spotting Scopes come equipped with rubber armor and a shockproof design, allowing them to easily withstand the bumps and minor impacts.

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