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EuroOptic Industry, LE/Military, & Outfitter/Guide Pricing

Are you a member of our law enforcement, military, Veteran, EMS, or firefighter or Certified NRA Instructor, licensed hunting guide/outfitter? If so, please send your credential directly through our website at EuroOptic.com.

Electronic Check Payment

Please enter payment information for electronic check at the time of checkout.

Do I Qualify?

EuroOptic.com users who are member of law enforcement, our military (active duty or veteran - anything other than honorable discharge need not apply), EMS, Firefighters, or Active NRA Instructor. Email us at [email protected] and ask!

How Do I Enroll?

Dealer and VIP Pricing:

  1. EuroOptic.com account email address. If no account, Please Create Here
  2. Picture of your Credential - LE ID, Military Paystub or NRA Cert, or Outfitter/Guide License
  3. Contact information: Address and Phone Number.

Upload VIP Credentials Here

FFL/Dealer Users:

  1. EuroOptic.com account email address. If no account, Please Create Here
  2. Signed FFL
  3. A.) Signed Re-Sale Certification
    B.) Tax Exemption Certificate (Found Here): [email protected]

Please note that a tax exemption certificate is not the same as a state-issued sales tax license, but rather a document stating that you, the purchaser, are not required to pay sales tax on purchases because the items being purchased will be resold.

After applying, a representative from EuroOptic will review your message and respond to you via email within the next (5) business days.

How Does It Work?

There are no commitments or min/max purchases - once your account is upgraded, you'll simply see the industry adjustments as you browse the store.

Available Tiers

Here's a quick rundown of the different tiers we offer, and the requirements to obtain access:

  • VIP/LE/Mil/Firefighter/EMS/NRA - Photo ID card with Veteran Status, Redacted DD214, Badge, Paystub, or Email from .mil account, or other Certificate.
  • Hunting Outfitters & Guides – Please provide verification of your licensed outfitter. www.eurooptic.com/guide-program.aspx
  • FFL1 - Requires current copy of Federal Firearms License (FFL)
  • .
  • FFL2 - Requires $25,000 of purchases with EuroOptic within a 1 year period

Note that once FFL2 is achieved, you do not have to maintain that purchasing level to maintain that discount level.

Why Do Some Promo Codes Not Work For My Account?

Promo code not working, We are unable to stack multiple discounts. Please use the code by Logging out of your EuroOptic account (click here to logout) and you can purchase as a guest user. Or, call us at 570-368-3920 and one of our reps will be happy to take your order.

Why Am I Not Getting A Discount On This Item?

Already handsomely priced and unable to stack discounts. For items that are: On Sale, Demo, Like New, Used, and Discontinued it will not be discounted any further.


  • All sales must be reviewed and approved by our management. You will know when the sale is approved when you receive a tracking notice for your shipment. Thank you for your understanding.

  • Sales Tax Credits and similar offers do not apply to industry accounts..

  • Those who take advantage of special pricing may not be eligible for other offers, at EuroOptic's discretion. For example, we offer a selection of gift cards with the purchase of many items - those who take advantage of special pricing may not be eligible for many of these additional incentives. Please contact us if you have questions.

  • By signing up and taking advantage of this program, you agree to let us email you with program-specific information and offers. We will occasionally have offers and promotions that only go out to approved accounts - opting out of these communications is equivalent to opting out of this program.

  • Our free shipping policies will not affect special price tier users the same - by using an account with special privileges (meaning, discounts and different price structures), you may be assessed shipping fees.

  • Specifically, use of certain promotional codes along with industry accounts on the site will not be permitted - while the site may accept the order during the beta phase of this functionality, the order will not be accepted by EuroOptic. You may purchase an item at the better of normal price with promotion or your industry account - if you have questions or need assistance, please don't hesitate to give us a quick call at +1 (570) 368-3920.

  • Please note that the ability to purchase products does not give any person or entity the right to resell those products.

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