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GRS Bolthorn Chassis

GRS Bolthorn Chassis

These stocks are made for long range prone shooting. They are all made in hard anodized T6 6082 aluminum with composite grips and side panels.
The stock is designed so the line of the recoil is as close to the core line of the barrel as possible. this means excellent recoil absorbtion and greater accuracy.
The stocks comes fully equipped from GRS with all rails, sling mounts, either a 5 or 10 round magazine (AICS compatible magazine well) and of course or famous adjustability on length of pull, cheek piece and height of the recoil pad, all done with a touch of a button. The grip is fixed on a rail, so you can adjust the distance from the grip to the trigger, giving perfect finger placement.

How do I mount the stock to my rifle?

Please read the instructions below, if you are unsure, or not capable to do the installation, please get help from your GRS dealer.

This installation is described for a standard bolt action rifle. (Tikka T3, Sako 85/75, Remington 700, Howa 1500)

  • Make sure the rifle is unloaded, remove the bolt from the rifle.
  • Loosen and remove the action screw behind the trigger guard and the front action screw.
  • Remove the bottom metal.
  • Take the barreled action out of the original stock.
  • Place the barreled action in the GRS stock, on the Tikka and Sako models, make sure the bedding block find its place in the slot underneath the action. If it does not you will see the action and barrel is not parallel to the stock and barrel channel.
  • Put the bottom metal in the GRS stock, make sure the magazine well (Remington, Howa models) is correctly placed in the bottom metal.
  • Insert the front and rear action screw and tighten loosely.
  • Tighten the front screw to 3.5 NM (31 inch pounds)
  • Tighten the rear screw to 3.5 NM (31 inch pounds)
  • Inspect the action and barrel in the stock, does it look parallel? Does the hinged bottom metal work as it should? If you find any irregularities check if the magazine well is correctly placed in the bottom metal.
  • Put the bolt in the rifle, make sure the rifle is not loaded. Cycle the bolt, dry fire.
  • Check if the safety operates as it should.

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