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Zoom in. From bird watching to military surveillance, observe seamlessly with first-class binoculars from EuroOptic’s well-known manufacturers, including Swarovski, Vortex, Docter, Leica, Steiner, Zeiss, and more.

What makes the perfect binocular for you? Great question. Here's a few things to think about when you're considering purchase of a new binocular for work or sport.

  • The magnification of the binocular will help you to see out farther, but generally at the cost of weight and field of view. In most cases, 8x or 10x magnification will be enough, but there are different levels of magnification if you need them; just remember that more magnification means more glass, and that means more weight. Some folks also have trouble stabilizing high magnification binos, which can impact usefulness as well - unless you plan on mounting them on a tripod or other stabilizing surface (like your truck window).
  • Objective lens diameter is what will determine how much light enters the optic, and therefore determines how good of a low-light image you'll see. Again, obviously the more light the better, but this directly changes the amount of glass in the binocular, and therefore the weight.
  • The weight of the binocular is often the factor that sways the buying decision - the optic itself must be manageable for the purpose you'd like to use it. For just casual viewing or for a binocular that might live in the truck, a larger, heavier device is fine - but if you're carrying this bino up into a treestand or for extended viewing time, that weight isn't going to work out well. Optimize the weight of the binocular for what you intend to do with it and the amount of time you can comfortably carry and operate it.

Lastly, remember that you can also get binocular options with laser rangefinders built right into the device. This again adds more weight, but for applications where locating and knowing the range of a target are equally as important, a rangefinding binocular can be the absolute best tool for the job.

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