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Steiner DBAL-PL Green Laser 9021

SKU: 9021-Steiner

Steiner DBAL-PL Green Laser 9021

SKU 9021-Steiner

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Steiner's newest entry into the Dual Beam Aiming Laser line of products allows a handgun with a rail to function effectively in both visible and infrared spectrums.

The visible switch activates the new temperature-insensitive green visible laser and 400 lumen white LED light. The IR switch combines an eye-safe Class 1 IR laser with an IR LED illuminator.

Whether you require functionality in both ends of the spectrum, or just want to have some compatibility for your night vision equipment, the Steiner DBAL-PL provides a strong solution for both.


  • Reliable and durable housing constructed from aircraft aluminum
  • Integrated Push-button activation switch
  • Fully adjustable Windage and Elevation adjustments
  • Integrated Picatinny Mount
  • Quick-Release battery latch
  • Visible Green laser (Class IIIA, <5mW), Infrared (IR) laser (Class I Eye-Safe, <.7mW), and 400 lumen White LED Light
  • Visible and IR lasers are coaligned - meaning that the point of aim for one will be the point of aim for both, making zeroing the non-human visible IR laser much simpler and faster
  • Powered by (2) CR123A batteries
  • Visible laser divergence: <0.8 mRad
  • Visible laser power output: <5 mW
  • Visible laser bandwidth: 532 nm
  • IR laser power output: <.7 mW
  • IR laser bandwidth: 850 nm

Binoculars, Riflescopes, Battle Sights, Rings and Mounts are backed by Steiners Heritage™ Warranty. Night Vision Devices, Laser Aiming Solutions, Beacons, and Battle Lights are backed by Steiner's eOptics 2 Year Warranty


Dimensions:3.46"x1.62"x1.32" (L x W x H)
Power Supply:(2) CR123A
Battery Life ~1.75 hours, application-dependent
Weight:5.4 oz. w/batteries
Item ConditionNew
Product TypeLaser


Reviews for Steiner DBAL-PL Green Laser 9021

Average Rating

by on May 13, 2017

Good strong IR illuminator with the IR laser. The visible flashlight is weak as compared to competitors' lumuns, and the beam can not be focused.Problem: The screws for adjusting elevation and windage are small and very tight to turn. Steiner should provide the appropriate tool for elev/wind adjustments; had to find a jeweler's screw driver. Additionally, the screw heads are made of a soft material and subject to screw head damage.Fits tightly and inline (horizontal) with the barrel on a picatinny rail, but does not align with the barrel for pistols with rail notches (e.g. Glocks).The only reason I bought this thing was due to it having a IR/VIS laser system that would fit a pistol.

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by on December 9, 2016

Having a visible laser, flashlight, IR laser and IR light in such a small package is amazing. So easy to use and mounts very tight with it's built in base mount.

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by on August 13, 2016

I purchased the Steiner DBAL-PL to add to my Springfield 5.25 XDM .45, which serves as both a duty weapon and CCW weapon for me. I had chosen the DBAL-PL after I have looked at most everything on the market, and finding there wasn't anything even close to Steiner's quality or durability. I as many of Steiner's customer's am betting my life on the products I put on my weapons and I have Steiner on all of them that could mean the difference between life and death.

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by on June 8, 2016

Works well anytime. IR is bright using NVG's plus the 400 lumen light is enough to blind a person. Sits well on my M9A3.

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by on March 5, 2016

I bought that item yeah they're weak it came in and would not sight in properly but is very nice item and I am getting a replacement waiting to see if my replacement works any better. Light is carry bright and seems to be good what I bought off of Amazon for $140. So we will see have the replacement works

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by on December 2, 2015

This is a great piece of kit. Put it on your pistol, zero it, rack it a few times really hard, check your zero again, rack it again, zero again, repeat until it stops traveling from the shock of the slide racking.The visible light and laser are to be expected. Great for CQC. The IR lights work great under my Pinnacle PVS-14. The illuminator and laser show up on hogs at 25-50 yards and PID is quick and strong.I know why you're really here, though. Does it work on a rifle?Yes, I tried it on my rifle--under the bore on the end of my keymod in front of a vertical fore grip. With the fore grip right behind the laser your thumb will be right near the laser buttons, making this a reasonably quick option for rifle mounted shooting. Plus the fore grip protects it from bumps & accidental discharge. It still lights up hogs at 100 yards with IR laser and useful illumination, but I added a long range illuminator to my helmet with PID anyways. So it's no PEQ-15 at 100 yards.Mounting it to your rifle means you will want to zero it very precisely so you can shoot 100 yards, right? Well, prepare to spend about an hour playing with the zero and burn through a set of batteries. The windage and elevation screws do not travel linearly. Plus, the adjustments are so gross that you almost cannot possibly turn the screw finely enough to traverse the laser half an inch. It's almost like you have to randomly play with the screws until you accidentally get it zeroed.

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