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Swarovski Riflescopes

Swarovski Riflescopes

Swarovski Riflescope designs are practical with an emphasis on maintaining tradition as much as technological advances. Blending passion with state-of-the-art techniques is what makes Swarovski riflescopes perform and feel as they do. So whether you’re shooting shooting in low-light environments or picking off far away targets, Swarovski has a scope that will exceed your expectation.

Swarovski Z3 Rifle Scopes - Swarovski Z3 Rifle Scopes are petite which allows for light weight and a close mount. Swarovski Z3 scopes are tried and tested, with a record of proven reliability.

Swarovski Z5 Rifle Scopes - Swarovski Z5 rifle scopes are light-weight and offer a broad 5x magnification zoom. Often selected by mountain hunters, this is our best selling Swarovski scope.

Swarovski Z6/ Z6i Rifle Scope - The Swarovski Z6 offers a larger zoom range and greater eye-relief than the Z5, while still maintaining a wide field of view. Available with optional illuminated reticle for dim light shooting, the Swarovski Z6i offers hunters the ability to shoot when others can not.

Swarovski Z8i Rifle Scopes - The latest in a long line of brilliance in innovation, the Swarovski Z8i riflescope offers a massive 8x zoom magnification, the FLEXCHANGE switchable reticle system, and an upgraded ballistic turret system. The latest and greatest in the Swarovski riflescope line.

Swarovski Ballistic Turret - Firearms, ammunition and rifle scopes are more advanced than ever allowing greater accuracy over longer distances than previously thought possible. The Swarovski Ballistic Turret (BT) adds to this capability by allowing shooters to dial predetermined distances with an exposed elevation turret.

Swarovski Ballistic Reticles - Ballistic Reticles allow shooters greater accuracy by taking the guesswork out of how high to aim. Swarovski offers three ballistic reticles which include the BRH, BRX and BRT.


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